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Roger Hazard’s Marital Life of Over a Decade

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Roger Hazard has been married to Chris Stout, and it’s already been over a decade. Even after all these years, the duo shares a great bond, and their love for one another has not withered.

They celebrated Valentine’s Day together in February 2023 as well. This demonstrated their deep love for one another.

Roger and Chris Got Married Surrounded by Family

The couple met via Facebook. Roger was in New York and traveling while filming his home design show Sell This House, and Chris was in Austin.

They connected right away. Furthermore, after starting to talk on the phone, both of them realized they had a lot of shared interests. So, after working up a bit of nerve, they met in person.

Moreover, years later, they admitted that they were ridiculously nervous when they met each other. Over time, their relationship evolved, and their bond grew stronger.

So, the duo made their decision to get married. The lovebirds tied the knot in 2011 in an intimate wedding ceremony, surrounded by their family in Iowa.

Chris Stout wished happy birthday to Roger Hazard [Photo: Instagram]

The couple often share glimpses of their love life via social media. Since they both had a knack for design and furniture, it might be the reason they bonded in the first place.

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Together Started a New Furniture Brand ‘Roger + Chris’

Roger has made a great name for himself in the television world. He is best known as the home stager and designer on Sell This House.

However, despite having a remarkable career on TV, Roger decided to challenge himself with more challenging projects and walked out of the TV.

Roger’s husband had also grown frustrated with the monotonous side of the financial industry and was looking for an outlet for his creative side. Thus, he gave up his ownership of the financial company to his previous partners.

Together, the duo decided to start fresh with a furniture company, ‘Roger + Chris,’ in 2019.

They have designed numerous furniture profiles for their brand and others. Moreover, the duo experimented with making a variety of home decor items.

Roger and Chris also produced web series, podcasts, ebooks, and widely-published articles about interior design and remodeling.

Their hard work and dedication skyrocketed the company’s value by providing the best service and product. The two have made homes in Austin, Texas, New York, and many cities.

Roger Was Featured on Different Television Shows

Roger Hazard is a native Texan who grew up surrounded by Houston’s oil wealth and colorful socialites. He attended Texas A&M University and its Corps of Cadets.

Later he began a design and renovation business, which became successful, leading him to New York City.

There, he offered design services to entertainers, heiresses, and retired supermodels. Then the main turning point of his career came when one television producer learned about his bold style, fast pace, and imposing physical presence.

The producer proceeded to build a show around him. Soon after, he was featured on the A&E’s show Sell This House.

Roger Hazard and Chris Stout [Photo: Instagram]

It was the initial real-estate-related show on United States TV. In addition, it was the only staging show to be nominated for an Emmy. The show continued for nine seasons and two hundred episodes.

After the successful show, he was featured in another show, Move This House and Sell This House: Extreme.

He has built a remarkable career as many publications featured him, including Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and many more.

Roger also made TV appearances on CBS, ABC, and NBC. Then he decided to return to his homeland after living in NYC for a long time.

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Meet His Partner, Chris Stout

Chris Stout is a Nebraska native who moved to Austin to join a startup company. He had been a C-level technology executive in many financial organizations before.

Stout was raised by a novelist mother, who he characterized as the “goth version of Martha Stewart,” and a dental professor father.

As a web pioneer, he invented a technology that hundreds of thousands of people relied upon.

Furthermore, as a designer and marketer, he also established numerous young companies as national-level brands.

Together, the married couple has built a thriving brand which has helped them earn fame and fortune.