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Andrew Santino and His Wife Never Wanted to Get Married

Dinesh Shrestha


The comedian Andrew Santino and his wife, who started as a friend, never had the intention to get married. Especially, Santino was more scared of paperwork.

“Neither of us even wanted to get married,” he stated in an interview. Unfortunately, he has kept the information about his spouse hidden.

However, in 2019, he shared a video captioning the post, “(Borat Voice) MY WIFE!!!”

Special Moment Helped Him to Decide She Was the One

In April 2020, Andrew Santino detailed in the Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings that it had been four years since he got married to his wife.

Even though the couple was the exact antithesis of marriage, they eventually tied the knot. Since they both had no intentions of getting married, it might be why they bonded even better.

It’s intriguing how they came to the conclusion that they were meant for one another.

In the podcast, Cummings asked, “When did you know she was your wife?” to Andrew. The comedian reminisced about one comedic moment that made him realize she was the one.

When the couple faced ups and downs in their relationship, both attended couples therapy. However, the duo never liked the therapist. Santino explained that the therapist had a weird vibe.

Since both of them did not like the therapist, it might have become another reason behind their strong bond, explained Andrew.

They were in the UCLA Westthood, the area that was bustling all day long. They were both emotionally breaking down a little bit.

Both of them were crying. Then it was pin-drop silence for two minutes, and both of them were coming down from the emotional height. No one was saying anything.

Then, outside the window, a trash pickup truck came, and one guy yelled incoherently, which made them laugh all of a sudden. The therapist was not laughing, and he had no idea why they were laughing.

That moment made Andrew realize that his lover had a great sense of humor. He also realized that they got one another easily and did not have to explain much.

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Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger Were Linked Together

The comedian has mastered the art of privacy, which is why not much is known about his wife. Because of his private nature, he, too, has become a topic of rumors, just like other celebrities.

For instance, the majority of Andrew’s supporters believed that he was in a relationship with Sarah Bolger, an Irish actress.

Andrew Santino [Photo: Instagram]

Netizens saw them together at several events sporting coordinated attire. They also attended the premiere of FX’s Dave on February 27, 2020.

While it is not known how the rumors started, neither of them have spoken on the matter.

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Andrew Responded to the Gay Rumor on Joe Rogan Podcast

Besides relationship rumors, Andrew was also speculated to be gay. He portrayed a homosexual character in the comedy-drama series I’m Dying Up Here. Thus the netizens began to wonder about his sexuality.

Furthermore, he added fuel to the flames by posting a picture with Chris D’Elia and captioning the post, “Going away to be married.”

There have been several other instances that fueled the gay rumors. For instance, LiveRampUp reported that he performed a standup comedy titled ‘Everybody was gay in third grade,’ where he stated that he wore sweatpants, played a recorder, and acted like a homosexual.

He reportedly said, “I was homosexual, bro, it wasn’t a question it was a fact, ed head kids skating backward, I was a gay man, I was gay when I was in the third grade, u were all gay in third grade.”

However, he eventually addressed the rumor. During the podcast with Joe Rogan, he said, “I’m gay according the Internet that’s my that’s my favorite,” as they were discussing the theories that people brought about them on the Internet.

Andrew Santino at Denver for his show in 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

Joe and Andrew also looked up the website where the article wrote about his sexuality. Nevertheless, since he has revealed that he has a wife, the gay rumors might just be a hoax.