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Richard Arnold Has Been with His Partner for over Twenty Years

Binesh Shrestha


It is a well-known fact that Richard Arnold is gay. He is enjoying a lovely relationship with his partner Stuart.

The couple has been together for twenty-three years now.

Wished His Partner on Their 20th Anniversary

Richard Arnold is not like any regular celebrities who tend to flaunt their love life in the media. However, in a rare occurrence, he wished his boyfriend on their twentieth anniversary.

While giving the viewers an update on how his life had been going in lockdown, Richard joked that he had been escaping to his mancave in his garden. He said that the duo had been working from home.

Richard Arnold rarely talks about his relationship. [Source: Instagram]

Richard also added that his other half was tuning in that day and wished him a happy anniversary.

Alongside that, the television presenter further revealed his partner was one of those people who held their phone in a different way (close to their mouth), adding he wanted to shave his eyebrows off every time the latter did that.

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Had Revealed He Was Dumped

Not all relationships are perfect. Everyone has their highs and lows. Similarly, in February 2017, Richard stole all the headlines when he unveiled he had been dumped on live TV.

The 53-year-old dropped the news on his colleague Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard saying he would not mind attending the show Blind Date as he no longer had a date for Valentine’s Day.

Richard furthermore explained that he had found out about it last night and had already planned everything.

The Lovebirds Live in London

According to House Beautiful, Richard, Stuart, and their Cockapoo Clemmie live in London.

When asked what made him the happiest, Richard answered, “Company and my dog make me the happiest at home.” So, he could possibly be talking about the company of his beloved companion.

During lockdown, Richard and his partner painted their kitchen dark. He had received a suggestion from one of his dear friends, Shona, that if they painted a room dark from the ceiling to the floor without leaving a white border, then it would make their room seem taller and higher.

When the lovebirds moved into their London home, Richard was eager to work on the garden as he never had an outdoor space before. They considered their house an oasis, which was located in central London, despite they heard the occasional siren.

The soulmates spent a lot of time in their garden, and it came to their rescue when Richard lost his father, and Stuart lost his mother.

The pair also have got good neighbors. A lovely couple named Richard and Nancy, who lived next door, even bought them home-made honey,

As per Richard, Stuart had the ability to make plants grow more than him, although the former can pick the ingredients for Pimms, a gin-based alcoholic drink with lemonade and fresh mint.

Well, May 2023 marked their twenty-third anniversary. However, there are no reports of the gay couple being married anywhere.

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Few Tidbits about Richard Arnold

The talented TV presenter, journalist, and reporter Richard is known for appearing in the TV program Good Morning Britain.

He completed his masters in English Language and Literature from the reputed University of Edinburgh. Richard later studied journalism at City University London.

Richard Arnold is a well-known reporter. [Source: Instagram]

BBC’s The Sunday Show was his first television work. Then he became the GMTV’s television critic in 1997, later returning for a longer duration in 2000.

Alongside his reporting gigs, Richard has also participated in Strictly Come Dancing.

All in all, Richard Arnold is yet to walk down the aisle. When he does so, hopefully, the journalist won’t back down from sharing the good news with his entire fans.