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Kitty Flanagan Has Got Jokes About Her Former Partners

Dinesh Shrestha


Oftentimes, comedians use their real-life experiences to entertain their fans. Similarly, Kitty Flanagan has often joked about her former partners. While doing stand-up comedy, she has also provided tidbits about her dating life.

Well, Kitty previously dated a police officer and was also in a relationship with a grave digger.

Kitty Flanagan Dated a Sergeant

Kitty Flanagan shared her story of dating a policeman while doing a stand-up comedy. Afterward, in an interview in 2022, the host of The Project questioned her if the story was true.

She replied, “It’s a true story.” The comedian stated that she went out on a date with a guy who was a sergeant in the police force.

Just three years before, in 2019, she also asserted in the stand-up stage that the couple had also moved in together. However, it’s not confirmed yet if she said it seriously or made a joke to add more spice to her comedy.

Flanagan hasn’t revealed yet when they met or started to date. But in 2017, she shared her dating experience.

Kitty Flanagan previously dated a policeman for 18 months [Photo: YouTube/Kitty Flanagan]

During an interview with Scenestr, she professed that she learned a few things while she dated him. She stated that “Policemen talk in real life like they do on television.”

She further added that they never got into a car, but they got into a vehicle. She continued, “You’d ask him a question, and he’d say affirmative.”

The couple’s days were quite funny because she and her partner had nothing in common. She thought that she was hilarious and he didn’t. Still, they went out together. In addition, she also wrote the song ‘Going out with a Cop’ in the same year.

The pair dated for eighteen months and eventually ended their relationship. As of now, her relationship is still a mystery to people.

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Kitty Flanagan Has Also Dated a Grave digger

In 2015, Kitty Flanagan became the third ambassador for the Adelaide Fringe, surpassing Katie Noonan and Paul McDermott. She toured Australia with her third new comedy show, Seriously? which was different from the previous one.

It was going to be more personal, including stories about her partner and the comforts and challenges of being a middle-aged lady. There, she made a joke based on a true event of dating a grave digger.

Flanagan stated in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald that he also worked at a crematorium. Well, her then-boyfriend told her how they had to shovel the stuff into a wheelbarrow before they sent it into the grinder to burn a heavy person.

Kitty Flanagan also dated a grave digger [Photo: YouTube/The Project]

The worst part of their relationship was her ex-partner broke up with her via email. She stated that he didn’t talk much.

The comedian humorously joked that he had probably broken up with her weeks prior, and she had simply not caught on.

Furthermore, in 2020, her name was linked to a faux love affair with automated emails from a supermarket CEO. However, it was totally fake. She also joked about it in an interview.

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Kitty Flanagan has written multiple books, such as Kitty Flanagan’s Complete Set of Rules, The Rules for Life Omnibus: 488 Rules + More Rules together in one edition and others. She has also disclosed the truth about her time dating a cop and a gravedigger in her book of autobiographical stories.