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Exploring Piper Rockelle’s Boyfriend, Dating History, and Pregnant Rumors

Dinesh Shrestha


Piper Rockelle, who amassed millions of fans through her amusing content on YouTube, is now dating her boyfriend, Lev Cameron. Although the couple split up for a brief time, they eventually got back together.

The social media star’s love life has been the subject of interest since her young age. Previously, she dated Gavin Magnus and had a rumored relationship.

Unfortunately, she split up with Margus for some reason. But eventually, she moved on with her life.

Piper Rockelle and Her Boyfriend Took a Break

Piper Rockelle and her boyfriend Lev Cameron, dated for three years. The duo went on several trips across the country and abroad—everything the couple did together over the years.

But things went wrong when she traveled all the way across the country with her family in 2022 for Christmas and New Year’s. In a YouTube video, he revealed that they were not ready for a long distance.

Furthermore, Rockelle’s beau stated that before she left, he and his family went to Hawaii, and at that point, they were four and a half thousand miles away from each other. She couldn’t just fly over since she was with her family, and he couldn’t even book a ticket to Atlanta because they were expensive.

The couple had been mutually on a break ever since he left for Hawaii, which meant they did not see each other, they could talk to anybody else, and they were trying to figure out what they wanted.

Furthermore, Piper’s beau clarified in the video that they were not broken up, as it was just a break. He had been single for a month at that time, and he revealed that in the next video, the couple would sit down and reach a verdict if they were going to be back together or not.

Later in the video, he called Piper, and she revealed they were going on a break, and they thought it would be the best decision for both of them. She further explained why they made the decision.

She clarified that it wasn’t forever and it was just for their mental health.

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Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Ended Their Break

Just one week after the above-mentioned video, he uploaded another video titled “I Got Back With My Ex-Girlfriend.” He talked about three plans to get back to her.

Firstly, the plan was to post a sad story on his Instagram profile with sad music in the background. But the plan got failed because she didn’t see it.

Then the second plan was to gift her favorite thing, which was a candle. Lev and his friend went to Piper’s room and gifted her. She loved the gift.

Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron [Photo: Instagram]

After being there for some time, he ran out of her room, saying his mom had called her. He also asked her to check Instagram.

Then the third plan was her best friend, Emily. He had talked to her and asked how to get back together. Lev called Emily and said he wanted to get back together with Piper.

Emily also said that Piper was talking about getting back to him. She suggested he get Piper flowers and be very nice and sweet about it.

Thereafter, the couple talked and again started dating. The end part of the video featured romantic things Piper’s lover told her.

Piper Rockelle Has Been Dating Her Boyfriend, Lev Cameron, since 2020

When the speculation started circulating online, Piper Rockelle declared that she had been dating Lev Cameron since May 2020 through Instagram in July 2020. She posted her picture with him and captioned it, “5.13.20.”

The social media star celebrated her seven months with Lev in December. She attached the following caption alongside their image, “You are the [key] to my [heart]. 7-month check.”

However, Lev had already shared their picture celebrating their six months together in November. He penned that six months with her felt like heaven to him. Nevertheless, the adorable couple seems madly in love.

Piper Rockelle with her boyfriend Lev Cameron [Photo: Instagram]

Like the days she had stored every minute of spending time with her love. “525,600 minutes with you,” she composed while sharing their picture together in May 2021.

In addition, Lev also constantly appeared in her YouTube videos. Piper and Leve never missed to wished on each other’s birthday every year. Although the couple began dating in 2020, they might have met in 2019, as he shared their 2021 and 2019 picture.

As time passed, the pair’s bond got better and better, enjoying each other’s company. However, she dated Gavin Magnus previously.

Netizens Speculated If Piper Rockelle Got Pregnant

The rumor began to be speculated on the internet when she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel with the title, “OFFICIAL GENDER REVEAL.”Netizens misled the information and spread the false news as she was pregnant.

But in actuality, she wasn’t pregnant, but her mom was. Rockelle was just a 14-year-old girl when the rumors went viral. She explained in the video that they decided to do some genetic testing.

The reason was her mom had had miscarriages in the past, so they wanted to know about the risk in the future. They also got the result of the test.

Fortunately, nothing genetically was wrong with the baby. She said that it could have been a placenta issue because of her mom’s age. Moreover, she shared how miserable her family was.

Many of her supporters believed Piper was looking forward to having her most memorable child. However, when they learned the gossip was untrue, some of her followers became sad.

Piper Rockelle Rumored to be Dating Walker Bryant 

The social media star was rumored to be dating Walker Bryant. For a long time, netizens couldn’t tell if she was in a relationship with Walker Bryant or Lev Cameron.

As per StylesRant, Piper acted like she was in a relationship with both of them. Bryant paved the way for Lev to date Piper. Then he started to date Indi Star.

The outlet also claimed that Bryant had to ask Piper for approval if he could date Indi Star. However, Bryant and Indi’s relationship seemed to be ended as they no longer posted each other on social media.

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Piper Rockelle Previously Dated Gavin Magnus

The social media star dated Gavin Magnus before she got into a relationship with Lev. But Piper and Gavin eventually broke up. He stated in an interview that it wasn’t a good environment with her.

In November 2019, he uploaded a video telling the reason behind their split. He detailed that his relationship with Piper was more of a commercial arrangement, one managed by Piper Rockelle’s mother, than a true friendship.

Gavin claimed that Piper’s mother had complete control over every area of his life, including the events and people he was allowed to engage with.

Gavin professed that he couldn’t hang out with anyone unless they approved. He further added that it was a really toxic environment and not fun at all. The YouTuber worked with them for at least six-seven months, and he said that was the most stressful part of his life.

Although Piper’s mother wasn’t happy about it, Magnus and his mother wanted to end the relationship amicably. She launched the #unfollowGavin social media campaign, which cost Gavin thousands of followers. The setback did not, however, dim Gavin’s determination to leave the arrangement.

Piper didn’t respond to his attempts to communicate with her, but he had no ill will against her. He claims in the video that he doesn’t keep in touch with Piper or anybody else on her team.