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Glenn Villeneuve Revealed His Wife Left Him

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Unfortunately, Glenn Villeneuve is no stranger to heartbreaks. Having already divorced his ex-wife, his other wife left him too.

Glenn is also a father of three children from his two marriages.

His Wife Left Him in April 2023 for Lower 48

In an emotional post made in July 2023, Glenn revealed that his partner Trisha Kazan left for the Lower 48 in April. They moved in together in November 2014 and have been together since then.

Well, Trisha didn’t leave alone. She also took Amelia, her daughter, from her previous relationship with her. Sadly, another bad luck struck him as he also lost his mother, who was suffering from severe dementia three weeks to the day his wife left.

There are no details regarding their divorce. So it is not known if the married duo parted ways or are just living separately. Furthermore, neither of them follow one another on Instagram and aren’t even friends on Facebook.

When they were together, Trisha often was featured in her husband’s posts.

Glenn and Trisha first connected over Facebook. At that time, she was residing in Massachusetts. They finally met in Glenn’s hometown after dating for three months online. And months later, she moved to Alaska to be with him.

She had also brought Amelia back then.

The duo reportedly got married in the same year. Then three years later, Trisha gave birth to their daughter.

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Divorced His First Wife

Before meeting Trisha, Glenn was already married. He met his now-former wife, Silvia Daeumichen, in the ’90s when she was in America on a vacation.

Silvia was born in East Berlin and attended a German college, from where she earned a Master’s degree in Opera.

After a while of meeting, the duo went on a trip to Quebec. They also summered on a lakeshore, and Silvia didn’t take much time to adapt, considering she came from a big city.

Then, Glenn and Silvia exchanged marital vows in 2001 after arriving in Alaska. She spent three months singing opera in Anchorage, and the pair stayed in Fairbanks for some time.

Glenn Villeneuve was previously married to Silvia. [Source: Instagram]

Since they both wanted something remote, they founded a wilderness home in the Brooks Range near Chandalar Lake and soon began building a cabin.

They hunted a lot, ate a lot of meat, and also gathered a lot of berries. In addition, the former lovebirds also welcomed two kids into their lives.

Sadly, after sharing 12 years of marital life, they decided to part ways. As per Cinemaholic, the decision was mutual. After the dissolution of their marriage, Silvia went back to Fairbanks and built a cabin in the Cripple Creek area.

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Proud Father of Three Children

As stated earlier, Glenn Villeneuve has fathered three kids from his two marriages.

He welcomed his eldest kid on May 9, 2006, a daughter named Willow Leaves. Then on June 14, 2009, his second kid, a son named Wolf Song, arrived in his life. He shares those two with his first wife Silvia.

Willow and Wolf lived with their mom until 2018 and then shifted to live with Glenn.

There is not much about Willow. However, Wolf is a dog musher. During a weekend in February 2023, he had a race at Dog Musher’s Hall.

Glenn and his youngest kid attended the race to support Wolf.

The Reality TV star’s youngest child is a daughter named Agatha, born on June 22, 2017, to his second wife Trisha.

Glenn Villeneuve and his three children. [Source: Instagram]

Agatha started going to school at the age of five. She wanted her father to be by her side on her first day. Unsurprisingly, she is not your regular school-goer.

From exploring an ice cave beneath the Castner Glacier to enjoying the liver of a spruce grouse, she has been a part of multiple adventures.

Overall, all of Glenn’s children share a loving bond with one another and spend holidays, including Thanksgiving, together.