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Andrew Davila’s Alleged Romance: Fans Speculate Lexi Rivera as His Girlfriend

Dinesh Shrestha


Fans believe that Andrew Davila and Lexi Rivera are boyfriend-girlfriend, as they have seen them together in multiple YouTube videos. However, the couple has always claimed that they are only good friends.

Take as an example of Lexi’s post on March 2021, where she posted their picture and captioned it, “Bestie Vibes Only.”

However, their fans think that the couple is really dating, and they keep their relationship secret. Although they never admit that they are dating, they have been seen posting each other’s pictures on Instagram quite frequently.

Andrew Davila and Lexi Rivera having fun together on her birthday [Photo: Instagram]

In an Interview, Lexi insisted that she didn’t have a type of guy she would date, so to speak, but there was one thing that would be required of her beau: He should be funny.

Then again, when asked, “Is Andrew funny?” she answered, “I think Andrew is funny.”

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No wonder people believe that the duo was in a relationship and dating.

Someone commented, “Before I die, I need them together.” However, neither of them has ever admitted to dating publicly.

On June 2022, Andrew shared a picture on his alleged girlfriend’s birthday, in which they were having fun together. Some user commented in the post that “Lexi an Andrew makes a good couple tho.[sic]”

They also made a video in which the duo told their friends they were dating. But it was to record the reaction of Bens and Tyler.

The couple enjoys each other’s company, but their relationship is still a mystery. Previously, Andrew Davila was committed to Jaden Poter.

Andrew Davila’s Relationship with Jaden

Andrew Davila and Jaden Poter’s relationship was officially confirmed when the couple was seen kissing at the New Year party. Furthermore, fans found out the YouTuber’s mobile wallpaper was a picture of the couple together.

In addition, Jaden even went to dinner with Andrew’s family. Some fans think that Andrew is weird around Jaden, and they both give off “weird vibes.”

However, the couple dated for a short period and eventually broke up. Although the former flames frequented one another’s socials, most posts have since been removed.

Andrew Davila and his ex-girlfriend Jaden Potter [Photo: Youtube/Amp Squad]

In 2019, the girlfriend posted a picture with her ex-boyfriend, and some fans commented, “She still has pics of her ex when she was dating Andrew Big Mistake.” Then another fan replied that “they ain’t dating.”

The pair never shared why they broke up, and it is unclear who Andrew Davila is dating right now.