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All You Need to Know About Ilan Tobianah AKA Zeus

Binesh Shrestha


Ilan Tobianah is mostly famous for his lavish lifestyle. The French national started gaining popularity when his social media videos became viral, where he could be seen driving luxurious cars barefooted or in a slipper.

Furthermore, he is also known for his resemblance with Zeus, the Greek God of sky and thunder.

Is a Man of Multiple Talents

Many people often wondered how Tobianah could afford such a deluxe life. They had one common question in their mind when they first saw him, and that was what was his job.

Well, the social media star is a lawyer. He has been in Paris Bar since 1999. Tobianah intervenes as an advisor upstream of conflicts and is also responsible for ensuring one’s defense interests before the courts.

Ilan Tobianah, aka Zeus, is a lawyer. [Source: Instagram]

He also strives to create a bond of trust and transparency with his clients to lay out the best possible strategy. Plus, during litigation, he also defends their interest with efficiency and tenacity.

Ilan has a law firm under CABINET ILAN TOBIANAH, which is located at 21 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France. It looks like he had a total of four establishments, among which two have already been closed.

In addition, according to his LinkedIn profile, Ilan has been a Real Estate Lawyer at Moet et Associés for more than twenty-four years now. He has been associated with the company since June 1999.

He also sold a 28.50 m² studio with a room in Paris for $255,844.25 (€233,000) in June 2022 and a T3 apartment in Paris ( 75 ) for $461,178.48 (€420,000) in May 2019.

One Yelp user had suggested that Ilan was an amazing lawyer. He also added that Ilan was a competent, dedicated, and trustworthy person and highly recommended him to others.

Plus, as per his Instagram bio, Ilan is also a DJ, model, and philanthropist.

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Net Worth and Opulent Lifestyle

Going through his social media handles, it is evident that Ilan Tobianah enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Looking at his expensive car taste and rich lifestyle, it appears the lawyer has got no shortness of cash.

According to Economic Research Insititute, a Real Estate attorney in France has an average salary of $116,118.29 (€105,712.) Considering Ilan’s experience in the field, it is no doubt that he earns way more than that.

Plus, looking at how he rolls in supercars, Ilan seems to have amassed a considerable amount of net worth. He is mostly seen around in a Lamborghini Aventador, which has a starting price of $507,353.

Ilan must also be earning from his side ventures as a model and DJ. As stated earlier, he is also a philanthropist and must have also donated a significant sum to charities.

There are no credible sources to determine his exact amount of fortune. However, an Instagram user commented that he was a billionaire over in France.

He is currently managed by an entrepreneur named Ryan Basri. Byasri is the founder and CEO of AtypiqPROD and AtypiqRECORDS.

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Mentioned Multiple Partners in Crime

Though Ilan is very transparent regarding his lifestyle, he has not shared many aspects of his life. It is not known if the model has a wife or any children.

However, he is often spotted with multiple models.

For the time being, he is hanging with fashion model Rebeka Võsu. They are seen walking, holding hands at times, and getting cozy with one another. Also, there’s a video of him putting a ring on her finger.

However, netizens believed it was a staged video, and she was allegedly paid for that. So, the true nature of their relationship remains a mystery for the time being.

Previously, he mentioned Sandra Bucnzy as his partner in crime, and prior to that, Margaux Heller was his accomplice.

Ilan Tobianah and Sandra Buczny. [Source: Instagram]

Well, the internet personality has been gaining massive recognition. He has over 1.6 million and 753K followers on TikTok and Instagram, respectively, with over 5.5 billion views on socials.

All in all, Ilan Tobianah is enjoying a pleasant lifestyle. Even though there are many people trolling him over his sense of dress and appearance, nothing is stopping him from flaunting his standard way of living.