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Marilyn Denis Retired From Daytime Television

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In April 2023, the veteran television and radio personality Marilyn Denis retired from daytime television after 34 years of service. She said it had been an emotional ride wrapping up the show after 13 seasons.

The Canadian media personality announced that her national program, The Marilyn Denis Show, would conclude in June 2023 after more than 2,000 shows.

Marilyn Denis [Photo: Instagram]

The final episode of The Marilyn Denis Show aired on June 9, 2023. The emotional episode featured special guests like Eugene Levy, Lynn Crawford, Andrea Martin, and Meredith Shaw.

Has Marilyn Denis Retired Professionally?

While Marilyn left daytime television, she stated that she was not retiring. In a press release issued by Bell Media, which produced the program, she revealed that she would continue to be the co-host for Marilyn Denis and Jamar on Radio.

Additionally, she added that her podcast series Marilyn Does a Podcast would proceed. Furthermore, Denis explained she wanted to spend more time with her friends and family, especially her granddaughter.

Marilyn Denis With Her Granddaughter [Photo: Instagram]

The Canadian media icon started her television career as a weather, sports, and entertainment reporter at CTV Calgary. Apart from her hit show, The Marilyn Denis Show, Denis hosted the popular daily show CityLine for nearly two decades.

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Why Marilyn Denis Retired from The Marilyn Denis Show?

In an interview with CTV News, Marilyn explained how the show was a big part of her life and how it impacted her emotionally.

When asked how she decided it was the right time to step away, she said she wanted to spend time with her husband and grandchildren.

Additionally, she complimented the staff behind the show and explained how it became a part of her lifestyle. However, she believed she needed to do something else and revealed it was a tough farewell.

Regarding her final goodbye, as reported by The Star, Marilyn Denis said, “Well, look at my eyes, I’ve been crying. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been watching people’s reels of all the wonderful contributions that they made to the show, with them, and we all get tearful because it’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of years putting the show together. And I’m feeling tired, but grateful.”

Marilyn Denis on Her Love for Radio

Before being a television host, Denis had a radio background. According to her, she loved putting on those headsets, and it made her happy. She added that they had always been her companion, and if other things went bad in her life, she would always have the radio.

According to the reports by The Star, the transition from TV to radio was also influenced by the preparation it took. Denis said worrying about what to wear, makeup, and hair also took its toll on her.

Denis further added she loved being in her comfortable style, which was her true self on the radio.

Further, she said. “They asked me, could you just get a little glammed up because we’re doing it a little bit more optically? I will do that. You didn’t used to see anybody on the radio; that’s not the case anymore. Just look at us now. I do like to get dressed up, but it will be more Marilyn, less blazers,” to The Star.

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From Cityline to The Marilyn Denis Show

Before she started The Marilyn Denis Show, Denis worked for 19 years for Citytv’s Cityline. She was the second host for the show, following the footsteps of Dini Petty.

Denis hosted Cityline from 1989 to 2008. She decided to leave the show and host The Marilyn Denis Show after Rogers purchased Citytv. As a result, Denis chose to remain a Bell Media employee.

Denis recalled her memories hosting The Marilyn Denis Show as she said, “When I went from ‘Cityline’ to the ‘Marilyn Denis Show,’ people would go, ‘Oh my gosh, I loved you on ‘Cityline.’’ I said, but I have my show now! But they were still like, ‘I loved you on ‘Cityline!’’ What I learned from that is how much people are invested in you, and that people don’t like change.”

In all these years of her involvement in these shows, Marilyn might have earned considerably. So, her net worth is $5 million. Now that she has retired from daytime TV, she might have plenty of time to spend with her family.