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Gio Scotti’s 13-Year-Old Greek Boyfriend Meme Went Viral

Dinesh Shrestha


The social media personality Gio Scotti’s ’13-year-old Greek boyfriend’ meme went viral on Twitter. Netizens found her picture and videos and made comparisons to the ancient Greek towel boys of Rome.

They conjured up scenarios in which she was a 13-year-old boy taken as a young lover.

The strange trend emerging from Twitter gained so much attention from people even she discovered it even though she wasn’t active on the platform.

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Origin of the Meme

One Twitter user posted a now-deleted tweet attaching a still from a video from her Tiktok with the provocative caption, “This is what 13-year-old boys looked like in Ancient Greece. And you wonder why they were all gay pedophiles, shii I would be one too.”

The tweet drew quite the attention and began spreading around the internet. Even though the original user deleted the tweet, netizens posted screenshots of the tweet.

Gio Scottis 13-Year-old Greek boy meme [Photo: Twitter]

The user account was also suspended in 2022, but the meme circulated. Not only this- the same user also tweeted,

“Imagine you’re chilling with your homie in Ancient Greece and his 13 year old boyfriend looks at you from across the room like this. Idk about you, but I’m definitely going behind his back and clapping those cheeks, [expletive] friendship fr”

Even if the user deleted the post, netizens kept it alive through screenshots. Many other users also started to create memes of her after that.

Began to Spread More On the Internet

People began to throw the term “Greek towel” on Twitter, and netizens kept sharing her pictures on social media.

They claimed that Scotti was perfect for the representation of the Ancient Rome lover boy that men had access to.

The tweet went viral, and many people responded to it in the comment section, which expressed confusion and disgust.

Thus, it may have started as a joke, as with many social media trends. Many Twitter users started to become rather fixated on Gio. They created a montage of her TikToks and gushed about how beautiful she was.

It didn’t stop there – the meme got more attention from people when other netizens even began joking about her as a “desirable 13-year-old Greek boyfriend.”

However, a lot of the positive remarks and videos about her just equated her to the Greek towel boy in their imaginations.

For those questioning, if she ever responded to the meme – the answer is “yes.” She responded to it through her Instagram story.

Gio Respond To The 13 Year Old Boyfriend Meme

After the meme got so much attention from the netizens, she herself discovered the meme on social media.

Even though she didn’t use Twitter, she somehow found out about it. Responding to it in February 2023, she shared her picture and wrote,

“For those who don’t speak Italian: I’m referring to the meme of months ago according to which I should be a 13-year-old Greek boy. and, since i don’t use Twitter, I have only now discovered everything that is being created behind it. I don’t even know what to think.”

That was the only response from the social media personality. After that, she never talked about it in the public sphere.

Scotti is currently enjoying her time in her homeland, Italy. The social media personality frequently shares her beautiful pictures on her Instagram. But who exactly is Gio Scotti?

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Meet the social media personality: Who is Gio Scotti?

Gio Scotti was born on December 2, 2006, in Parma, Italy, as per Famous Birthday. She is mostly known as a TikTok content creator.

As of writing, she has over 2 million followers on her Tiktok account. Other than that, she also used Instagram to interact with her fans.

Gio Scotti [Photo: Instagram]

In TikTok, she posts trending lip sync and acting performance to entertain the audience. Her beauty drew every netizen.

The previously mentioned outlet claimed that she debuted in Tiktok in October 2020.