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The Haves and the Have Nots Star Nick Sagar: All About Him

Dinesh Shrestha


Nick Sagar caught the public eye after his appearance in the drama and crime movie Ill Manors in 2012. His stellar performance in the movie eventually attracted the netizens.

Then after, he constantly appeared in different movies and series. He has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, and many folks love how he portrays different characters.

Nick’s Parents Pushed Him To Do Different Activities

Nick Sagar, AKA Nicholas Sagar, was born in England, United Kingdom, on January 7, 1988. Primrose Allison Sagar is the actor’s mother. Furthermore, he is of mixed ethnicity: half Jamaican, half Guyanese. As for his father, he is of Indian heritage.

In an Interview with Imagista, he revealed that his parents pushed him and his siblings to try different activities. They could do any activities, such as karate, swimming, learning an instrument, and others.

Nick Sagar with his mother, Primrose Allison Sagar [Photo: Instagram]

Nick’s dad and mom pushed them because they did not get the chance when they came to England, as they worked hard from a young age.

He professed that all those activities were part of the performance and could be used in acting. He attended after-school drama classes and weekend theatre school.

The actor’s parents always had them perform for the family, whether it was dancing, recreating skits, or movie scenes they loved. This continued until he went to university and instantly got bored. Later he realized that university wasn’t for him and decided to return to acting.

His family was quite eccentric, whether it was his father impersonating Al Pacino or his mother screaming out reggae every evening. Even his aunties loved cartoon voices and silly jokes. They always entertained each other.

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Nick Sagar Was Previously Dating His Girlfriend Alexandra Burke

Nick and Alexandra were childhood friends and started dating in 2010. But she went on her first UK tour, whereas he lived in LA, United States. So, she told to The Sun, at that moment, they were on a break.

The former pair eventually ended their relationship because of the pressure of a long-distance relationship.

Further, she added that they were busy, and she was on tour and trying to build a new life at that moment. She tried to work in a band and perform nearly every night on the tour.

Nick Sagar previously dated Alexandra Burke [Photo: Instagram]

Nick was her first proper boyfriend after winning the reality show The X Factor.

Currently, she is in a relationship with Darren Randolph and also welcomed a baby with him. However, Nick hasn’t revealed his current dating status.

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Well, a Twitter account under the name Nicholas Sagar had once tweeted, “I’m gay,” in 2012. Even though the account doesn’t seem to have any relation with the actor, the rumors of Nick being gay could have been sparked from there, considering they have the same name.

Nick Sagar Grew up with His Two Siblings – Sean & Michael

The talented actor grew up in London alongside his two siblings. His younger brother’s name is Sean Sagar, and his older brother’s name is Michael Sagar.

Nick’s younger brother Sean is an actor who has appeared in several movies over the years. He is mainly known for showcasing his acting skills in The Gentlemen, The Covenant, and Our Girl, as per IMDB. As per Nick, his older brother was a real creator who loved everything about art.

Nick’s mother often promotes their work on her social media handle.

In the end, his family must be proud of what he has achieved till now.