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Vladimir Shmondenko: All You Need to Know about the Powerlifter

Himal Ale Magar


Renowned as Anatoly Powerlifter, Vladimir often portrays a cleaner who puts on a comedic performance hiding his power under his deceptive appearance.

Dubbed the Iron Man, the powerlifter and social media star has fascinated viewers from all around the world through his incredible strength and perseverance.

Vladimir Shmondenko Was Interested in Body Building from a Young Age

The 24-year-old Vladimir started lifting weights in 2016. In regard to his nationality, the powerlifter was born in Krishtopovka, Ukraine, in 1999, making his nationality Ukrainian.

Vladimir Shmondenko [Photo: Instagram]

Well, Vladimir got interested in weightlifting as he became fascinated by American bodybuilders after his village got internet.

Eventually, he dreamed of pursuing a career in bodybuilding. Vladimir stated that he made a DIY gym at home and began his training to become a professional sports influencer and athlete.

Lifts Weights as a Cleaner at Gyms

The professional bodybuilder weighed 73.9 kg when he competed in the powerlifting world championship in 2018. Further, The Sun claimed that Vladimir weighed around 78 kg during the time of their reporting.

Besides, the bodybuilder got immense recognition after his skits got viral on the internet. In his videos, Vladimir wears a cleaner’s dress and stuns gymgoers as he lifts massive weights with comfort.

Apart from his humorous acts, the 5′ 11″ bodybuilder is one of the best powerlifters in the world. His personal deadlift record stands at 290kg. Whereas the bodybuilder’s personal squat record is 210kg.

Vladimir’s Family Is from Remote Ukraine

The powerlifter grew up in a tiny village with limited resources to pursue his dream. But, it did not stop Vladimir from chasing them as he worked his way through hardship and difficulties.

His parents were influential figures in his journey. It’s been reported that he worked out with bricks, wood, and tractor parts as a teenager.

Vladimir Shmondenko [Photo: Instagram]

Further, Vladimir ate seven meals of eggs, cottage chees, and oats a day to achieve his dream physics. So, his parents could have been working behind the scenes as supporting pillars in his early endeavors.

However, despite his massive popularity over the years, the identity of his family members has not been revealed.

Vladimir’s Girlfriend Is a Fitness Model

Vladimir has a girlfriend who is a fitness and lingerie model. Her name is Valery Shirshova, who goes by the username @joeherrstedt on Instagram.

Valery has over 126k followers on her Instagram, where she shares her fitness and lifestyle content. Further, she also frequently features her boyfriend Vladimir.

On one such occasion, she uploaded a picture with the powerlifter with the caption, “Shoulder to shoulder.” Besides, the couple are not married and do not have any kids. But they do have two pet hamsters, who they drive around on remote-controlled toys.

Vladimir Shmondenko Holds Several Championship Title

The bodybuilder is known to go through extreme workout sessions to keep himself in shape. Throughout the years, Vladimir has won several titles at the European and Ukrainian Championships.

Since Vladimir started competing professionally, he has established himself as one of the prodigies in the powerlifting scene. Eventually, he started setting numerous records in his weight category.

Further, in the year 2014, the powerlifter squatted 430 kg, which successfully established a new world record for the event. Moreover, he broke the record he set previously by squatting 432.5 kg in the same event two years later, in 2016.

Apart from weightlifting, Vladimir started participating competitively in strongman contests, which also included the World’s Strongest Man Competition.

Apart from sports, the bodybuilder is active on social media, where he shares videos of him pranking gymgoers. He also has his own website, where Vladimir sells personalized workout routines.