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Was Christine Obanor’s Relationship with Louis Russell Just for the Show?

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Warning: Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Spoilers Ahead

At the end of Too Hot to Handle season 5, Louis Russell made his feeling about dating Christine Obanor clear. They also clarified that they were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

So are the on-screen couple dating in real life?

Louis Clarified They Were Not Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Christine and Louis formed a pair at the start of season 5 and had agreed to spend the first night in bed. But Louis changed the team and coupled up with Hannah Brooke and slept with her.

Well, Hannah then broke up with Louis when Christine got back with him, and they shared a smooch at a beach. Then in a turn of events, Louis got together with Linzy Luu when she chose him for a date.

While Louis had told Christine that nothing had happened on the date, Linzy admitted to the group that she felt a sexual connection with him during their date. This made Obanor wonder what happened on the date to make Linzy feel that connection.

Eventually, Obanor learned the truth, and she got angry not just because Louis had broken her trust but also because he also made her feel bad for not trusting him.

Also, when they finally talked at the party that night, instead of apologizing, Louis became defensive, and hence she broke things off with him.

Then, when Louis was offered $25K to leave the show without Obanor or stay and commit but lose the chance to win $100K, Louis chose to stay with Christine. They remained together by the end of the finale.

Also, as per Style Caster, Louis told Obanor that he wanted to date her but made sure to clarify that they weren’t a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Is Louis Still Her Boyfriend?

According to Marie Claire, Obanor and Russell are no longer dating, and things might have ended on a dramatic note. Before the finale, he followed her on Instagram, but she didn’t follow him back. Furthermore, as of July 31, 2023, they didn’t follow each other at all.

However, Christine has uploaded about Louis is a video on her TikTok. The video contains the question, “What are you and Louis going to do in the private suite?” Well, Christine perfectly lip-syncs over the audio of Miranda Cosgrove saying, “Probably [expletive].”


I know this girl is sick of me 😂@Courtney K Randolph #toohotohandle #thth #szn5 #toohotnetflix #season5

♬ original sound – Rebekah

While her current relationship status remains a mystery, in a recent TikTok video, Christine stated she was going on a date. She was quick to shoot down people’s curiosity and urged her followers not to ask who her date was with as she wasn’t going to answer.

She gave a little hint saying, “It could be somebody you like, it could be somebody else.” Besides that, there hasn’t been much update about their relationship.

Furthermore, Christine has a different perspective on romance now. She has said that she was focusing on herself and the next journey of her life.

So, could it be she’s taking time to make someone her boyfriend?

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Is a Product of Texas

Christine was born on April 20, 1997, in Texas. But besides her birthday, the reality TV star has refrained from sharing details regarding her family, parents, and upbringing.

Christine no longer lives in Texas. She bought a car and has got an apartment in Los Angeles.

Christine Obanor has moved to LA. [Source: Instagram]

On her 26th birthday, she revealed that she took Instagram seriously and landed multiple brand deals. She has also promised to unveil more accomplishments and said she could not wait to share the experience with her followers and has got many more things to come.

As of this writing, Christine has amassed over 233K followers on her Instagram and 202.5K followers on TikTok with over 4.2 million likes. She is also got a YouTube channel with just 279 subscribers at the moment.

Not many may know this, but Christine got her shot at fame back in 2018 when she appeared in Wild ‘n Out. Looking at that, she has definitely come a long way.

In addition, she also earns commissions from products if someone buys via her Amazon link.

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Owner of Beautifaux Nails

According to her LinkedIn profile, Christine has been the owner of Beautifaux Nails since September 2020. She previously worked as a part-time Fashion Stylist at Stitch Fix for seven months.

The beautiful model landed her first job as a Hostess for TGI Fridays. After that, she worked as a model at Neal Hamil Agency, a server at Bombshells Restaurant and Bar, a server at Joe’s Crab Shack, a Seasonal Sales Associate at Victoria’s Secret, and then as an Intern at Bdonnas Closet.

Christine Obanor has worked in many companies. [Source: Instagram]

Talking about her education, Christine attended the University of North Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising with a double minor in Business and Marketing.

People who have worked with her have nothing but good words for her.

Overall, the beautiful model is doing great in her career and prospering more. It won’t be surprising to see her reach a new height of success.