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Renni Rucci’s Ex-boyfriend Sent Her Engagement Ring from Prison, They Never Married

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Despite living behind bars, the rapper Renni Rucci’s ex-boyfriend Foogiano had sent her some sweet gifts and a diamond ring for their engagement.

However, things went sideways shortly after, and the couple called off their engagement and went their own ways.

The rapper’s relationship with Foogiano was her first time dating in the public eye, and it drummed up quite the attention with news of the latter’s imprisonment.

Still, it is evident that the songstress has had serious relationships in the past.

The Relation between Rucci and Her Ex-boyfriend Foogiano

Rucci was in a relationship with rapper Foogiano, a father of six and signed to Gucci Mane’s Records. His recent album Gutta Baby became a massive hit, especially for the song ‘Molly.’

Renni Rucci with her ex-boyfriend Foogiano. [Photo: Instagram]

Renni discussed her relationship in an interview with Hot New Hip Hop. The rapper from South Carolina shared she was the first to message Foogiano for a collaboration, but he did not reply but started to comment on her Instagram photos.

It looked like he was trying to play mind games with her. She said, “Okay, so first, I DM’d him about getting on ‘Molly.’” She further explained,

“That was just me wanting to get on the song, like, I want to work with you. Then, we didn’t talk for a while and he started commenting under my pictures… He was lettin’ it be known, like, I’m trying to [expletive] with you.”

Later, her manager reached Foogiano’s studio, to which Foogiano replied, “You don’t have to have nobody reach out to me”

After that, they were talking on their phone every day. She added,

“And we just started talking from there and we never stopped. We went from talking in the DM’s about a studio session to being on the phone every day.”

In June 2021, shortly after her then-boyfriend was imprisoned, the South Carolina native posted to her Instagram on his birthday. The caption read: “Happy birthday baby @foogiano I love you.”

As of this writing, the rapper has deleted all of her social media posts related to Foogiano and her relationship. Still, there is no official word on why the couple decided to part ways.

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Foogiano Sent Gifts to Renni from Prison

Based on the reports of Hiphopdx, on October 4, 2021, Foogiano sent gifts to his beautiful lady on her 30th birthday. The gift included chocolate-covered strawberries and flowers with a diamond engagement ring.

Renni received gifts from Foogiano. [Photo: Twitter]

After receiving the gift, the South Carolina native rapper captioned those photos,

“Best birthday ever! #DirtyThirty from a girlfriend to fiancee.”

Renni and her boyfriend were inseparable, and Foogiano was looking to make the stunning female rapper his wife. Although Foogiano had immense love for Renni, they never married.

The Separation of Renni and Foogiano

No reasons have been discussed about the reason for separation from the rappers. Albeit, there were rumors that Renni was not faithful while her fiance was serving his sentence.

The songstress, in response, took to Twitter to shut down cheating allegations.

Renni Rucci separating from Foogiano. [Photo: Instagram]

The social media influencer has two kids, but there is no clue about their father. She has not disclosed much information about the father of her kids.

Renni Rucci’s Ex-boyfriend Is in Prison

Foogiano was imprisoned in May 2021 by Greene County Superior Court Judge in Georgia for five years for violating his probation.

The father of six had cut off his monitor ankle bracelet and hurried to Atlanta to attend his fellow rapper Pooh Shiesty’s funeral in Memphis, Tenn. The U.S.

Marshals found his monitor on the roadside, and their agents located Foogiano at the funeral.

The agents waited until the funeral was over out of respect for the family, or else Foogiano would have been arrested in the middle of the funeral.

Renni Rucci’s Former Husband

According to the reports of Dreshare, Courtney Rene, the rapper’s birth name, previously had a husband with whom she had two kids.

The outlet also referred to an interview where she supposedly revealed that her qualities, like her pride and confidence in herself and her ethnicity, drew her high school boyfriend rather than her curvy body. Albeit, the outlet failed to provide a discernable source for the statement.

The 31-year-old credited her high school boyfriend after her mother for her success in the scene because he was the person who motivated her to enter the rap scene.

Courtney used to write lyrics about her former partner, mostly based on her feelings for him.

There are no pictures or concrete details regarding who was the high school boyfriend. However, Renni did once mention a Twitter user, Wayne85Live, AKA Godbody Weezy, as her ex-husband.

Plus, her baby daddy was her first real boyfriend. They began dating when Renni was just 14. Furthermore, her lack of love everywhere else made her grow dependent and tender to what she thought was real love.

Renni Rucci’s good words for her former boyfriend. [Source: Twitter]

According to Renni, she felt like her ex-boyfriend was the only person she had.

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Proud Mother of Two Children

As stated above, Renni is a mother of two. She welcomed both of her children from her past relationship. Her son is named Courdon, and her daughter is named Dcouri Rene Martin.

Well, her daughter also had a close bond with her mother’s ex-fiance.

Renni Rucci`s children Courdon and D’couri. [Photo: Instagram]

The brother-sister duo are always there for one another. Renni’s kids were pretty active on their respective social media handles, but it has been a while since they last posted something.

All in all, looking at the rapper and her life, she does not seem to be married again, and fans might be disheartened not to see her husband anytime soon, even though she is gifted with special gifts.