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Ravneet Gill Has Chosen Her Husband. IT IS OFFICIAL!!

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Ravneet Gill – the Pastry Chef and the judge for Junior Bake Off, shocked her fandom when she posted about her husband.

There was no news before her social post that she had a boyfriend or was about to get married.

Ravneet Gill Officially Weds Her Husband

Gill married her long-time boyfriend, who was hidden all this time from social media.

She got married and announced it on her Instagram on May 11, 2023.

She said she deliberately kept her followers in the dark regarding her husband’s existence until the wedding post arrived.

Apparently, the couple got engaged last year. It was a romantic day. It was raining. They were in a park, albeit getting a parking ticket, when the long-time boyfriend popped the question.

On the wedding day, the couple, with their family, went to the registration office.

After the registration, Gill’s grandmother took out mithai (Indian Sweets), which she had packed in her handbag. The sous chef was treated to the classic Indian dessert.

Gill’s grandmother feeding mithai to her grandson-in-law [Photo: Instagram]

After completing the registry, the couple and their family went to Maison Francois. They ate their midday dessert and had drinks.

Ravneet Gill with her Family [Photo: Instagram]

Later in the evening, they moved towards The Grill in Dorchester for their evening meal.

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Raveneet Gill Reveals Her ‘Mystery Man’

Gill called her husband a ‘Mystery Man’ as their relationship had never before been made public. She revealed her groom’s name in her Instagram post. His name is Mattie Taiano.

Ravneet Gill and her husband, Mattie Taiano [Photo: Instagram]

She further revealed that the couple met in a kitchen where they worked side by side. Taiano was the sous chef, and Gill was the pastry chef. They got along instantly and worked together for years.

They always found their way back to each other, or in her words: “haven’t been able to escape each other.”

When they were working together, they had plenty of laughter and always thought about what to eat next.

The Newly Wed Bride Showed Love For Her Husband

Gill followed up with lines of appreciation for her beau.

She thanked Taiano for loving cats just because she did. She also thanked him for his kind heart.

Mattie had stopped cars on the motorway to rescue pigeons stuck in the fence. He used to make sure that she was well-fed. The couple never said to dessert after a meal.

Gill also thanked her husband for thinking McDonald’s was acceptable after dinner. She thanked him for his patience with her cleanliness habits and for letting her chill out more.

She further added she could not wait for her future with the most impulsive and fun person she knew.

Ravneet Gill Sent Invitation To Her Loved Ones

Evidently, the wedding was a private event attended by the chefs’ immediate family.

Being the sweetheart that she is, Gill formally apologized for not inviting many of her friends and extended family. She promised that she would send invites to all the people who missed out on her wedding.

The couple is planning a big reception next year. As one would expect from the foodie couple, Gill ended the post with a promise: there would be plenty of food for all.

Wedding Dress and Photos

Mattie wore a navy blue wool Ultralight blazer with a turtleneck vest. The bride wore a white gown dress with medium-sized earrings followed by a Dallas Crystal, Faux-Pearl, and Beaded Satin Clutch purse.

Urszula Soltys handled the photos of the entire wedding. Urszula is an editorial and portrait photographer based in London.

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The Fans React On The Shocking Wedding News

The pastry chef’s fans showered their love for the newlywed on her Instagram post. Some loved the dress the couple was flaunting, and others wished them a happy married life.

One fan said, “You gorgeous beautiful angel, congrats! Can’t wait to celebrate with you soon (not Macdonald’s). dibs one of the wedding cakes next time round xxxx.”

Another said, “Ahhhh congratulations to you both! Such happy news and you look radiant!”

There were many fans who shared their happiness in the comment section.

Fans shower their love on the bride and the groom [Photo: Instagram]

Fans showing their love for the Newlyweds [Photo: Instagram]

Happy married life to the newlywed couple. Two months later, in July 2023, Ravneet shared with her fans that she was pregnant with her first child. She seemed excited, and many congratulated Gill and her husband for the upcoming addition to the family.

Mattie’s Over a Decade of Experience in the Culinary World

As stated above, Taiano, AKA Matthew James Taiano, was a sous chef. He has more than a decade of restaurant experience in both London and New York.

Well, Gill’s partner has been part of many institutions. He previously established Mattie T Limited and Sarine Shop Limited and was a director in both of them. In addition, he co-founded Gabagools alongside Vala Saedi.

As per them, they sold the tastiest sandwiches, which are refined to perfection. Their menu was inspired by many things, from Persian street food to classic New York Subs. Gabagools had managed to win a six-month rent-free pop-up at Croydon Venue after they applied to a Boxpark competition.

Ravneet Gill’s husband Mattie Taiano. [Source: YouTube]

Apart from that, Taiano has also worked in the position of head chef at Llewelyn’s in Herne Hill. Alongside that, he has also contributed and showcased his skills at many award-winning restaurants, such as The Camberwell Arms in Camberwell and The Anchor & Hope in Southwark.

His LinkedIn states that Taiano was also a head chef at Franks Cafe.

Moreover, he has been working as a cookery lecturer and chef-consultant for Damson Jelly Academy.