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Quinta Brunson’s Parents Are The Reason Behind Her Confidence

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The Abbott Elementary star, Quinta Brunson, has always been open about her parents and their sacrifice to make her who she is today. 

Quinta’s parents have accompanied her to talk shows like The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Furthermore, what makes Abbott Elementary special is that Quinta’s mom inspired it. Also, she credits her parents for helping her with confidence.

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Quinta Brunson’s Dad and Mom Are the Reason Behind Her Confidence

Fans are awed by Quinta’s confidence which she credits her dad and mom for helping her build.

In an interview with People, when the interviewer asked where she got her confidence from, the actress revealed that it had always been there and she was a very confident kid. 

Brunson’s folks taught her to look at situations and people like everything is equal. She added, “Nothing seems too intimidating to not be confident.”

The actress also recalled the most intimidating situation she was in, which was when she met Malala Yousafzai, the education rights activist from Pakistan.

Quinta Brunson’s Mom Inspired the Show, ‘Abbott Elementary’

Airing on ABC, Abbott Elementary is a mockumentary sitcom TV series revolving around Brunson’s character, Janine Teagues.

Teagues is a positive second-grade teacher at Abbott Elementary—a fictional, poorly funded, predominantly Black school in Philadelphia. 

As mentioned earlier, the show holds a special place in Quinta’s heart because her mom, Norma Jean Brunson, is the prime inspiration for the hit Emmy-winning series. 

Quinta Brunson’s mom’s story inspired the show. (Picture: Facebook)

Quinta’s mom worked as a kindergarten teacher in West Philadelphia, and the show is based on her real-life struggles as a teacher.

Norma taught Quinta for six years, including kindergarten class. The latter watched her mom work at school and even more at home. Thus, she credits her mother’s experience for helping her create the show.

In addition, Quinta’s mom has been a constant source of comedy and inspiration in her life.

The Real Meaning Behind The Name Quinta

The TV actress was born into a huge family consisting of five children. She was the youngest and the fifth child born to her mom, Norma Jean Brunson, and her dad, Rick Brunson.

Quinta’s name means ‘fifth’ in Spanish. When asked about the origin of her name, the actress jokingly revealed that although her parents weren’t creative with her name, she loved it.

On the other hand, Quinta’s siblings’ names are Kwei Brunson, Kalid Brunson, Njia Brunson, and Kiyana Brunson.

Quinta Brunson is the youngest of all her siblings. (Picture: Instagram)

Talking to People, Brunson revealed that her siblings have real names that mean things and will have a lot to live up to. Since her name is just a number, she could have it mean whatever she wanted.

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Quinta Brunson’s Mom Was Curious About One of Her Memes

Every June for Pride Month, one of her memes that reads, “People be gay,” pops up. It brings her so much joy.

Talking to Wanda Skyes on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she revealed that her mom once googled her and asked what the meme meant and why the text said, “People be gay.”

Quinta explained to her mom what meme actually is. Even though Mama Brunson could not comprehend what she explained, she has been a huge supporter throughout.