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Beabadoobee Has a New Boyfriend, and They’re Already Collaborating

Binesh Shrestha


They say love is in every corner, and Beabadoobee surely knows her way around. After parting ways with ex-boyfriend Soren Harrison, she has already moved on now.

Currently, Beabadoobee’s new partner is the talented Jacob Erland, aka Jake Erland. From not telling about her first boyfriend to her father to flaunting her now partner on her social media, Beatrice Kristi Laus has come a long way.

Who Is Beabadoobee’s New Boyfriend, Jacob Erland?

As per Jacob’s official website, he is a director and director of photography based in London. However, he is not just available in the UK alone but worldwide.

Beabadoobee’s new boyfriend Jacob Erland. [Source: Instagram]

Like many, Jacob had a humble beginning. He first started when he was 17 years old by shooting skate videos. He slowly transitioned to music videos and fashion films later on. A fruitful association with Palace helped him a lot.

Beabadoobee’s partner is mainly inspired by the 80-90s cinema and 90-00s fashion photography. His main aim is to create characterful imagery.

Jacob says,

“I always think I’m lucky to work in a time where I can be inspired by that period and use modern cinema technology to expand on ideas, taking the style of an image and push it even further.”

Looking at his work and expertise, it’s not hard to tell that he has been active in the field for quite some time now. Over the years, he has worked with many top names and brands, and the list of his clients is getting longer day by day.

He has collaborated with Nike, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Reebok, Sony, H&M, and Converse. In addition, he has also directed music videos for some top artists such as rapper Shygirl, singers Rachel Chinouriri and Jamie T, and his current love interest, Beabadoobee.

Unfortunately, there are not many details regarding Jacob’s personal life. His Instagram account also only presents his professional life, where he has got a massive fan following of over 20.4K followers.

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Relationship and Collaboration with Beabadoobee

It is not sure when the pair officially began their relationship. However, people started getting hints about their alleged romance in January 2023 when Jake left a cheeky comment on one of her posts.

He just wrote, “Lol at u guys,” with one fan replying, “U WON,” followed by a gold medal emoji. After that, Beabadoobee started posting random photos of Jake, but mostly of their time when they were in Iloilo City, Philippines, where they were shooting the music video of her ‘Glue Song.’

Then in her later posts, people started racially commenting, asking why her boyfriend was white and why did she have a white boyfriend,

Nevertheless, turning her back on all the negative comments, Beabadoobee made her relationship Insta official in February with a black and white photo of herself and Jake, with him kissing her cheeks.

Later on, many posts followed, with one particularly gaining her fans’ attention. She uploaded a romantic photo of Jake and herself sharing a smooch during her tour with a caption saying, “tour romance.”

All in all, the beautiful singer and the talented music director are enjoying their relationship, despite whatever others have to say.

The lovebirds also don’t shy away from showcasing their affection for one another, with Jake calling her his fav person and Beabadoobee saying how amazing, talented, and the perfect best boyfriend he is.

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Break up with Ex-boyfriend Soren Harrison

The rumors of Beabadoobee breaking up with her long-term boyfriend started when they stopped posting photos of one another. Then some Reddit users posted that the pair broke up, with Soren removing all the posts related to the singer and her liking the comments of their split on TikTok.

Beabadoobee’s ex-boyfriend Soren Harrison. [Source: Instagram]

Like her current partner Jake, Soren also sat on the director’s chair for some of her past music videos. He also had a significant impact in shaping her visual aesthetics and sounds. Furthermore, Soren was the subject of her song ‘Lovesong.’

Overall, they had a good run and broke up after many years of being together.