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Matthew Broussard Made the First Move to Win His Girlfriend’s Heart

Dinesh Shrestha


Matthew Broussard has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Laura Sogar.

Initially, Broussard and Sogar met through Instagram. The American stand-up comedian couldn’t stop himself after seeing Sogar and instantly slid into her DM without any hesitation.

Undoubtedly, Broussard’s first move towards the relationship eventually worked out, as the couple is still dating in the public eye.

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Comedian Matthew and Girlfriend Go Public with Relationship

After the first move through the comedian, the couple began texting and getting to know each other.

As a result, the couple started to date. Then on the same day, the couple posted the same picture on their respective Instagram accounts in May 2016, revealing their secret relationship and making it Instagram official.

Tonnes of fans rushed to the comment section and claimed that the comedian and his girlfriend were the most beautiful couple they knew.

Matthew Broussard and Laura Sogar shared the first picture together [Photo: Instagram]

Laura jokingly captioned the post, “Like a modern-day Cinderella, but instead of cleaning the animals, try to eat my dress.”

With the same snap, Matthew went with a simpler caption: “PSA: goats eat dresses.”

Matthew and his Girlfriend Post Frequently

From then, the couple started to share their picture constantly on social media. They frequently went on holidays together and enjoyed their time together.

Since they went public, the American swimmer Laura has wished him a happy birthday every single year.

Matthew Broussard’s girlfriend, Laura Sogar, wished him Happy Birthday [Photo: Instagram]

Recently in April, she uploaded a picture of them together and sent him birthday wishes.

The post’s caption read, “Happy Birthday to my amazing boyfriend.”

He thanked her for the post in the comment section and said, “You are my favorite individual. I adore you.”

The comedian also posted her picture and wished her a happy birthday. He further mentioned in the caption that she didn’t look a day over 18.

Broussard and Sogar Celebrated Valentine’s Day

They publicized their relationship in 2016; the couple has been together for seven years now. The American stand-up comedian shared multiple pictures on Instagram and wished his love a happy Valentine’s Day.

Broussard shared an image where Sogar was holding various animals. The couple was seen grinning and addressing the camera. The couple celebrated Valentine’s Day together each year.

Matthew Broussard and his girlfriend, Laura Sogar [Photo: Instagram]

Two days after Valentine’s Day in 2018, the comedian posted their picture and wished her a Happy Belated V-Day. Further, he thanked her for teaching him to put others before himself.

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Comedian Matthew Broussard’s Life Before Spotlight

Matthew Broussard was born in New Jersey and raised in Atlanta by a Cajun father and a Jewish mother.

Broussard earned a degree from Rice University in Mathematics to pursue a career in Finance despite his Cajun father and Jewish mother still really wanting him to take the GMAT.

Then he moved to Los Angeles and changed his career path to comedy. Before moving to Hollywood to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian full time, he had a job as a financial analyst.

The stand-up comedian and television personality spotted on MTV2’s Guy Code also served as the anchor on Not Exactly News.

Matthew Broussard [Photo: Instagram]

Matthew also created the weekly puzzle-based webcomic mondaypunday.com in 2011. That same year, he began doing stand-up in Houston, Texas, while working as a financial analyst.

In addition to his well-known webcomic mondaypunday.com, he has appeared in a number of other shows and movies. However, he is mainly known for his appearance on Presidents Day, Intra Quest, and Harvester of Terror 2: Redneck’s Revenge.

Furthermore, he was the Winner of 2012 Houston’s Funniest Person.