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Rhys James Hilarious Jokes on Being Married

Dinesh Shrestha


The British stand-up comedian Rhys James hasn’t married but has seen cracking jokes about marriage multiple times. Nevertheless, James’ jokes on marriage and relationships are hilarious.

“Marriage is stupid I don’t sign contracts where the term is till death,” James said. Although he doesn’t want to get married, he recently offered advice on how to make the most of the wedding experience when you go.

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Multiple Tweets About Being Married

The stand-up comedian started to make jokes about marriage and relationships since he started his career as a comedian.

Out of the stand-up stage, he frequently joked on social media about marriage. In 2014, he joked that he wasn’t married because he insisted his bride walked down the aisle to ‘Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone.’

Then again, he tweeted about the reason for getting married. “The only reason to get married is so you still have an emergency contact after your parents die,” he tweeted.

People enjoyed his amusing joke, and many people responded to the tweet. One user commented, “this just made me laugh out loud.”

Rhys James and his pet [Photo: Instagram]

Then, he even said if he found a girl willing to marry him, she had to agree to their first dance on ‘Real Girl’ by Mutya Buena.

Rhys James Posted His Own Picture Filtered As A Girl

The British stand-up comedian posted a picture of himself in 2017 filtered as a girl and captioned the post, “Really hugely attracted to myself as a girl and very massively unsure of what to do about it.”

He posted the same picture again on International Women’s Day.

He shared a four-picture collage with different hairstyles and skin tones. In the caption, he wrote, “Happy international women’s day to these four sorts.”

Rhys James shared pictures filtered with a girl [Photo: Instagram]

Then one year later, he posted one picture from the four-picture collage and shared it. He captioned the post, “Pleased to announce I will be spending a lot more time.”

Rhys James’ Life Before Spotlight

The stand-up comedian started his career as a full-time comedian when he was seventeen years. Initially, he began performing stand-up in new acts and student competitions.

Rhys James is mainly known for his solo show Begins. Then he followed up with his second solo show remains in 2015. He has also served as a panelist on the E4 series Virtually Famous.

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In 2012, he graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in politics and international relations. He is a London native. As a panelist on Virtually Famous, he appeared alongside its host Kevin McHale.