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Bobby Brantley Living Out His Days In Peace & Quiet


The beloved TV personality and former star of Lizard Lick Towing, Bobby Brantley, continues to impact fans’ lives despite being away from the entertainment world. As we dive into 2023, many are curious about his current whereabouts.

Many even questioned: Is Bobby Brantley Still Alive?

Is Bobby Brantley Still Alive?

Rest assured, Bobby Brantley is alive and thriving as of 2023 in Georgia, spending quality time with his friend. He came live on Facebook from his friends’ place, talking about peace and reflecting upon his life with birds chirping in the background.

Since bidding farewell to Lizard Lick Towing, Bobby entered a new chapter of his life as a champion. He has been focusing on living a life of fulfillment and personal growth.

Bobby Brantley and his daughter
Bobby Brantley celebrating his daughter’s accomplishment. [Photo: Facebook]

Currently, Bobby resides in North Carolina, and his life revolves around his family—his wife Melaine and their eight kids.

Further, he has found solace by embracing a quieter life, where he can be closer to nature and his loved ones.

What is Bobby Brantley Doing Now?

Unfortunately, Bentley’s Instagram account remains private; his bio offers a glimpse into his life. The stay-at-home dad has been cherishing the fleeting moment with his newborn, Nash.

He also welcomed a grandson in May 2022.

Brantley joyfully shared the heartwarming news on Facebook, allowing fans to participate in the special moment.

Besides, his devotion to his family shines through his online presence as he often takes to Facebook to share his children’s milestones.

Moreover, Brantley took to Facebook to celebrate his daughter’s new job at Disney.

Likewise, he shared photos of his wife on her 29th birthday with a rather beautiful and humorous caption: “Happy 29th Birthday to Melaine Brantley, my HITT SEXXY WIFE that some reason puts up with me.”

Beyond his responsibilities as a family man, he continues to have a zest for adventures. He finds excitement in riding motorcycles, four-wheeling, racing, and sports.

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Bobby Brantley | Adventure is Engraved in His Soul

As mentioned earlier, Bobby actively pursues his passion for adventures.

He is a familiar face at Pondtown Festival. He has been a regular of the live event and regularly posts updates and promotes the event.

Bobby Brantley is alive
Bobby Brantley and his family. [Photo: Facebook]

Bobby shared photos on his Facebook page mentioning Pondtown Festival 2023, thanking organizers for doing a great job.

Beyond festivals and events, the Brantley family shares a love for adventure. They frequently embark on road trips engaging in thrilling activities together.

He shared a delightful memory of him and his wife, Melaine, on their way to Daytona. Bobby humorously shared a picture of him and his wife with the caption,

“Less than an hour into the 8-hour journey to Daytona looks like it’s just me and Pandora pop radio cause @melainebrantley is OUT!”

The Brantley family is all about adventure. The shared passion was evident as Bobby accompanied his son, Hunter, to the North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Bobby had Brain Tumor Surgery in 2019

The American reality show star, Bobby Brantley, has faced many challenges in recent times. He was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma in March of 2019. The brain tumor was surgically removed four months later.

Although it was a long recovery, he has shown remarkable strength and resilience with the unwavering support of his loved ones.

This isn’t the first time Bobby had a near-death experience, though. In 2013, news of his car accident took the internet by storm, making everyone question if he was still alive.

The life-threatening incident occurred in the reality TV program, but Bobby survived the horrific car accident.

Bobby Brantley’s Farm, Lil’Ass Farm

Since Bobby’s departure from the Lizard Lick Towing, he’s been living a meaningful life in Georgia.

Hence, he started a little farm named Lill’Ass Farms along with his family members. Brantley acquired a few cows and donkeys to graze the pastures of his family’s several acres. According to the TV star’s website, he found visiting his farm and indulging in the activity therapeutic.

He also released his farm merchandise that says, “Everybody Loves a Lil’ Ass! which sold out quickly. Bobby launched his merch via Facebook alongside the story of his farm, captioning, “I made a few t-shirts, and to my surprise, the people that know me saw them and loved them, so I thought I would post and see if enough people were interested I could sell a few.”

Brantley also added that his son, Nash loves the farm experience.

All that to say, Bobby Brantley is focused on living a meaningful life with his family, prioritizing peace.