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Are Olivia Ponton and Her Girlfriend Still Dating?

Dinesh Shrestha


Olivia Ponton and her girlfriend, Kaila Novak, started their relationship on February 2021 and faced many problems.

Over the course of their relationship, fans and publications alike have speculated that the couple parted ways and broke up.

The rumors surrounding their break-up started circulating on social media at the end of summer 2021. On top of that, fans also noticed that Novak was flirting with Sienna on Tiktok.

Well, Ponton and her girlfriend sure know how to keep their fans on their toes by surprising them. They surprised the fans by celebrating their first anniversary in 2022 when most thought the couple already broke up.

Ponton and Novak had shared multiple pictures together that have since been deleted. Break up rumors, round 2?

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Olivia Ponton and Her Girlfriend Celebrate One Year of Bliss In 2022

After going through a lot of break-up speculations, Ponton and Novak left fans stunned when they celebrated their one-year of bliss on February 2022.

They confirmed that they were still dating through a first-anniversary post on Instagram.

The Canadian soccer player Kaila Novak posted a now-deleted picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Proud of our love ~ 365.” The caption implied that the couple was still dating.

Couple Splits Rumor Circulated On Social Media

Fans noticed on June 2021 that Kaila Novak had unfollowed her girlfriend, Ponton, while she still followed Kaila.

Additionally, she tweeted, “People who make being gay a publicity stunt,” but deleted it instantly.

Fans were quick to assume that deleted tweet, which lives on in screenshots, was most probably about Ponton.

The murmur got louder when they realized that the tweet and the Teen Vogue article titled “Olivia Ponton identifies as bisexual” were published around the same time.

Kai Novak reposted the Teen Vogue article [Photo: Youtube/Hollywire]

Later Kaila shared the screenshot of her and Olivia Facetiming on Instagram with the quote, “I just farted on my phone did you hear it.” Then she wrote, “I love you, my best friend,” with a drawn yellow heart.

Kaila also reposted the outlet’s article to her Instagram story with the quote, “My everything and More,” with the rainbow emoji. Then, she re-followed Olivia.

Olivia Ponton and Kaila Novak Met Through TikTok

Ponton and Novak started their relationship through TikTok.

“I met my girlfriend on TikTok and became thoroughly obsessed with her,” Ponton explained.

Although, she had to debate with herself for a week to decide if she should slide into Novak’s Instagram DMs.

Olivia Ponton and Kaila Novak [Photo: Instagram]

Novak curved her for a week before answering and returning to her first message.

Then the couple started going out on a regular basis around January 2021. The couple officially began dating in February.

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Olivia Ponton Proudly Identifies as Bisexual

“I want to announce that I’m bisexual, and I’m now proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.” Ponton told Teen Vouge.

She revealed in the interview that she identified as bisexual. Ponton said with an undeniable expression of excitement erupting from her face as she broke the news.

Olivia Ponton identified herself as a Bisexual [Photo: Instagram]

The social media influencer eventually came out after months of speculation about her gender on social media.

She further said that it didn’t really even occur to her until she moved out to Los Angeles that being bisexual was even a possibility for her.

“Don’t dim yourself down to fit into the ‘right’ crowd of people. Find friends that support you and surround you in happiness and the light you need to live,” told the outlet at the end of the interview.