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Rumors Of Matt Duffer’s Supposed Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Matt Duffer has always been a topic of discussion among his fans regarding his se*ual orientation and relationships. In recent years, speculation has been brewing that the writer has a girlfriend.

It is no secret that Matt has kept his personal life private, but could it be the director is secretly committed to someone?

Duffer’s Speculated Relationship With Supposed Girlfriend

Despite the privacy surrounding his personal and love life, his followers quickly noticed that the producer might have a child.

In a June 2022 tweet, a user stated that Duffer had a daughter with hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul. The post received mixed reactions from other netizens.

Speculations about Matt Duffer and Sarah Hindsgaul’s relationship started from this tweet. [Source: Twitter]

One of the followers even mentioned that the star of the series Stranger Things, Winona Ryder, is the godmother of their daughter.

When questioned about the credibility of the information, the original poster noted that it was mentioned in a podcast with the Duffer brothers.

Further, when the writer tweeted if something extraordinary happened in September 2017, one of his followers mentioned it was Wife Appreciation Day.

As a response, Duffer humorously stated that he would get a wife and appreciate her. However, he has not made any comment about the subject ever since.

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Sarah Hindsgaul Wished Matt Duffer On Valentine

The Stranger Things hairstylist Sarah fueled the rumors more regarding the writer. Matt’s alleged girlfriend uploaded a Valentine’s post dedicated to him in 2018, stirring up speculation regarding their relationship.

The Instagram post featured a picture of the producer with the caption, “I love you Matt Duffer sweet valentine.” It received mixed reactions from the fans and followers of the show.

Sarah Hindsgaul wished Matt Duffer on Valentine’s Day, stating she loved him. [Source: Instagram]

For instance, one user wished happy valentines to them both. On the other hand, another follower did not believe the two were a thing and noted, “You wish.”

In addition, Sarah had also posted a picture of herself and Matt Duffer in August 2016, where the two could be seen enjoying each other’s company.

However, neither of them has commented on their supposed relationship as of this writing.

Duffer’s Alleged Girlfriend Is A Mother Of Three

According to her Instagram bio, the hairstylist is a mother of three: Eli, Lucy, and Pippa.

Sarah Hindsgaul has featured her son Eli and daughter Lucy on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah With Her Two Children [Photo: Instagram]

However, she has not revealed much information about Pippa as of yet.

Besides, in a podcast called Skip Intro with Krista Smith, Ross Duffer mentioned that his brother has a newborn baby.

So, could it be Matt Duffer and Sarah Hindsgaul share the child?

On the other hand, despite parenting three children, the hairstylist has not revealed their father’s identity. She has yet to make any comment regarding her married life or relationship.

Besides her lovely relationship with her kids, Sarah has a great bond with the actress Millie Bobby Brown. The two spent most of their time enjoying each other’s company during the shooting of Stranger Things.

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Unlike The Writer, His Brother Is Married

Matt Duffer’s brother, Ross Christensen Duffer, has shared wedding vows with his partner Leigh Anne Janiak. The auspicious occasion was held on December 22, 2015, at Korakia Pensione, a resort in Palm Springs.

At the time, a mutual friend of the couple, Jennifer Knode, became a Universal Life minister for the event. Both of them are Los Angeles-based filmmakers.

Ross is the director and writer for the movie “Hidden,” whereas Leigh is the writer and director for the screenplay of a short horror film called “Honeymoon.”

Matt and his brother Ross were born to parents Ann M. Christensen and Allen P. Duffer. Ross graduated from Chapman University in Orange, Califf.

As for Matt’s sister-in-law, she is the daughter of Nestor K. Janiak and Karen L. Janiak. She completed her studies at New York University and got her master’s degree in modern Jewish studies from the University of Chicago.

The two had a fateful meeting in 2006 at a production company in Los Angeles. At the time, Ross was an intern, and Leigh was an assistant to the producer.

All in all, let’s hope that Matt, too, will open up about his love life or girlfriend and let his fans a peek into his personal life.