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Chadd Wright’s Risked His Life to Become a Navy Seal

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It was a challenging journey for Chadd Wright to turn his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL into reality. He had to face many obstacles during the journey.

Chadd is now a motivational speaker, business owner, entrepreneur, and a former Navy SEAL. He spent 12 years serving as a team leader on multiple deployments. Moreover, many find his determination similar to David Goggins, who is also a  retired United States Navy SEAL.

Chadd Decided to Join the Navy SEAL after Graduating from High School

The internet personality hadn’t decided to join the Navy SEAL until he graduated from high school and started working in the construction industry.

The thought of joining the Navy SEAL popped into his head when he was surfing the internet and noticed the Navy flyer to join the hardest military training in the world.

He wanted more challenging tasks than mundane tasks at the construction company. However, it wasn’t easy for him.

Chadd Wright decided to join the Navy SEAL after graduating from high school [Photo: Instagram]

Chadd hadn’t even played sports, ran on track, and never swam in a pool. Well, he failed the PST (Physical Screening Test) several times while training by himself in between the tests. Gradually, he learned to swim, ran a mile, and more.

Later, after four months, he finally passed after continuously taking PST every week. He got the contract to join the Navy boot camp, which is a requirement for Navy SEAL training.

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Chadd Failed to Join Due to a Pericardial Cyst on His Heart

Getting a contract to join the Navy SEAL was his first victory toward his dream. But it was the start of his life’s main struggles and adversities. Nevertheless, Chadd Wright made it through the arduous boot camp training.

He passed the final training exercise. Unfortunately, something unexpected happened at the same time. After the training, his drill instructor pulled him aside and said he had to attend the medical.

They found something in his physical that they needed to discuss. While his friends were marching towards the graduation ceremony, he was going to medical camp. It was a disheartening moment for him.

Chadd walked to the medical officer, and the officer said that he had a pericardial cyst on his heart. They were afraid because when he would go deep diving, it would burst the cyst on his heart. They said, “We can’t let you be a SEAL.”

Chadd Even Risked His Life to Turn His Dream into Reality

Chadd’s dream was almost shattered after this. His condition was rare and asymptomatic. There was only one option, and that was surgery. But even more, there was no guarantee of success.

He couldn’t let his dream go away from him and never gave up. Then he returned to his hometown, North Georgia, and searched for a surgeon to remove the cyst. He visited multiple heart surgeons in Atlanta, but nobody was ready to do so.

Eventually, he found a surgeon, Dr. Cooper, who was an army surgeon. Dr. Cooper understood his dream and was ready to do surgery, accepting the risk on behalf of Chadd. The operation was too risky, which could have also cost his life alongside the dream.

Chadd Wright underwent a life-risking surgery [Photo: Instagram]

He also told his dad, “Dad, do you really think I should do this, man?” Then his dad replied, “Chadd, if you want to be a SEAL, you don’t have any choice.” Fortunately, the surgery was successful.

Chadd Finally Completed His Dream of Being a Navy Seal

One year after the surgery, he returned to the same medical officer, presenting his medical records. The officer looked at him and said, “What are you doing back here?” He had the paperwork from his civilian surgeon who performed the surgery. He said, ‘Hey man, will you take a look at this?’

The medical officer looked at his documents and pretty much gave him the go-ahead. From there on, his dream finally turned into reality. He also became a team leader of the Navy SEAL and served multiple deployments until his retirement.

After spending 12 years, he retired. It was an aspiring journey of determination, courage, persistence, and having the right mindset. Now, he is living a happy life with his wife.

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Chadd Wright and His Wife Have Known Each Other from Childhood

Chadd and his wife, Brooke Wright, were born and raised together in the mountains of northwest Georgia. They laughed, hunted fish, learned, lived, and fought together.

Throughout the childhood, they spent time together. But the couple’s path diverged in 2006 as Chadd decided to join the Navy SEAL while she stayed home to finish high school and college.

Even though the couple separated for several years, they still talked to each other on a regular basis. In 2012, the pair tied the knot, and this year, Chadd and Brooke will be celebrating their 11th anniversary in October.

They are also proud parents.

Chadd Wright and his wife Brooke Wright [Photo: Instagram]

Brooke is now a photographer and wellness enthusiast. As per her Instagram bio, she is also a lover of all things natural. Chadd and Brooke also built a brand 3-of-7 that was committed to helping others become more complete.