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David Haydn-Jones’ Mysterious Love Life: Has a Daughter

Binesh Shrestha


Over the years, David Haydn-Jones has shown his acting skills in plenty of roles. He has multiple times portrayed the character of a widowed dad or a married man.

But what is the Canadian actor’s marital status in real life?

Does David Haydn-Jones Have a Wife?

Yes, the Supernatural actor is indeed married and has a wife. Unfortunately, David rarely talks about his conjugal life in public. Because of that, there has always been a cloud of mystery surrounding his love life.

However, an Instagram post gave his secrets away.

Back in December 2016, when Danica McKellar and David were working together on My Christmas Dream, the pair went on a double date. Later Danica uploaded a photo of her alongside David and their respective partners.

The first part of the caption basically stated she had a fun double date with her latest co-star, which was David, and his wife that week. The two couples were pictured in a Christmas filter photo with bells and hats.

David Haydn Jones and his wife when they went on a double date. [Source: Instagram]

One particular user commented that everybody had a warm open-lipped smile besides David, who had one ice-cold blue steel staredown. The user continued that if it weren’t for Santa’s hat, then they would have thought of him as a mean scary robot sent to frighten the cheer out of Christmas-loving folks.

Regrettably, it is not known how and where David and his wife met alongside the exact date of their wedding.

Unlike the secrecy surrounding David’s wife, his co-star Danica’s love life is pretty known. She was previously married to Mike Verta for four years and is currently enjoying her married life with Scott Sveslosky since 2014.

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David Is a Proud Father

In contrast to his marital life, David has shared titbits of being a father. When asked about what food he never liked, even though he never had it at the Creation J2 Dallas 2023, he shared a funny story he experienced with his daughter.

The 45-year-old revealed that he had a contract with his daughter, basically making her eat healthy foods. So whenever she decided not to eat food that she found ugly, he asked her first to try it and explained the science of taste buds.

And if she didn’t like the taste, then she could not eat it. Funnily, David’s daughter tried the same trick on him once.

Apart from that, he once shared that he loved being a girl dad both in his on-screen and real life as well. Knowing how good he is with little kids, David must be raising his daughter well, spending quality moments with her.

It is not known if he has got any children besides her.

Well, props to David for keeping his private and personal life totally apart from one another.

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Humble Beginnings

The handsome David was raised in a loving family, which he describes as “half-British, half-American, all-Canadian.” He took his first paying entertainment job when he was just 15.

The Bridal Wave actor attended McGill University, where he pursued a degree in architecture while simultaneously taking alternatives within the arts comprising literature and theater.

He has also acted in plays by Shakespeare, Moliere, Gilbert, and Sullivan and regularly performed at local clubs.

Actor David Haydn Jones. [Source: Instagram]

David’s aspiration to pursue his architectural career was put on hold because of an economic recession. Then he, alongside a friend, formed a comedy duo and ventured to Toronto.

He was first discovered while performing at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. As per IMDb, David’s first appeared in a small role as a detective on I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle in 1990.

Since then, he has come a long way.

Hopefully, the talented actor will open up more about his personal life and quench the thirst of his fans, who are eager to learn about his married life with his wife and child.