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Is Donald Brumfield Jr. Still Married to His Wife Ashley after His Extra Marital-Affairs?

Binesh Shrestha


Ever since the news of his extra marital-affairs surfaced, people have been wondering how Donald Brumfield Jr.’s married life is going on. Is he still married to his beautiful wife Ashley Brumfield?

The couple have had their fair share of ups and downs. So, no wonder fans often ask if their marriage has been able to stand the test of time.

Donald and Ashley Had Decided to Part Ways

Back in 2021, it was reported that Ashley and Donald were apparently splitting after she found a Snapchat video of him cheating.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time Donald had been caught.

Don once posted a clip on Snapchat showing himself being cozy in black underwear and handcuffs with a woman. This incident led Ashley to consider a divorce.

Donald Brumfield wife Ashley Brumfield
Donald Brumfield’s beautiful wife Ashley Brumfield. [Photo: Instagram]

Though she didn’t proceed fully with her decision, Donald went back to his old habits. Despite getting multiple chances, Don was back on track. After the incident, Ashley moved out, leaving her wedding ring and partner behind.

The list of Don’s allegations is quite long. He had also once gone out on a scandalous trip with his co-worker and even welcomed a daughter because of his infidelity.

In order to save their marriage, the lovebirds even took the help of a therapist. In one of their sessions, Ashley opened up and said,

“As a woman, I still got dreams too. How do I fit that in while still being supportive of my husband’s dreams?” 

She further detailed that she dreamt of returning back to the medical field and wanted the same undying support from her husband. Hearing that, Donald was hesitant as he mentioned that his beau lacked follow-through.

It wasn’t just Ashley who had things to say. Don once stated that Ashley hadn’t been a good wife. This caused a verbal altercation between the troubled couple, and the therapist had to barge in.

Nevertheless, the married duo is still together and seems to be deeply in love with one another. Their social media handles act as proof that despite going through many ups and downs, they are still giving their relationship a chance.

The pair’s support for one another can be seen through the comments that they post under their photos.

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Who Is Donald Brumfield Jr.’s Wife, Ashley Brumfield?

It is quite rare to find someone like Ashley who, despite being cheated on multiple times, hasn’t lost faith in love and her partner. She is much more than just the wife of Donald Brumfield Jr.

The beautiful lady has got over 417K followers on her Instagram handle, where she mostly posts about her workouts.

According to her Instagram bio, Ashley is also a brand ambassador and uses her social media handles to promote multiple fitness products.

Furthermore, she is also an entrepreneur and has started her company, Million Dollar Experience LLC. Alongside being a Hairschool and CEU Teacher, Donald’s partner is also a Licensed Cosmetologist.

All in all, Ashley is not only known for her career, fitness regime, and cheating husband. She is also known for her endurance and being a devoted wife and a caring mother to her little ones.

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Proud Parents Of Five Children

It is not sure when Donald and his wife Ashley got married. However, their wedding was aired on the November 28, 2016, episode of Blank Ink Crew Chicago.

In their over six years of marital life, they have now become proud parents of five children. Among them, two of their sons are named Ashdon and DJ.

Unfortunately, they haven’t revealed many details regarding their other kids. Well, the pair does often upload their photos with endearing captions.

In addition, it is not sure if they welcomed their five children together. As stated earlier, Don has a daughter from his extramarital affair.

In the end, what matters is that the couple is proudly raising their babies with immense love and care. Hopefully, whatever misunderstandings and trouble they had in the past won’t hamper their future all along.