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Has Martins Licis Made a Girlfriend after Splitting from Rebecca Rowley?

Dinesh Shrestha


Netizens raised questions if the American strongman Martins Licis found a new girlfriend after his split from Rebecca Rowley.

Folks have had an eye on their relationship since they started dating. Then unexpectedly, the adorable couple broke up.

The pair had a great bond in the initial days, but they ended their relationship leaving the netizens to wonder why.

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Mentioned His Mom and Then-Girlfriend as the World’s Greatest Cheerleaders

Back in May 2017, he uploaded a picture of his mom and then-girlfriend, mentioned as the world’s greatest cheerleaders.

He penned in the caption that there was nothing like Rebecca, who yelled during an event when his supportive equipment was falling apart.

Rowley shouted, “YOU DONT NEED IT!” at that time. Furthermore, he said there was nothing like his mother’s joy, pride, and tears of love after each event.

Martins Licis’s mom and ex-girlfriend Rebecca Rowley [Photo: Facebook]

“Knowing everything she’s been through to give me the life I have, to then have her be able to witness the gift she has given me is priceless,” he penned.

Licis thanked his mother and the woman she was dating at the time for coming to support him. He was a participant in the World’s Strongest Man competition at the time.

Wished Rebecca Rowley on Mother’s Day with Sweet Words

Rebecca Rowley had two children already from her previous relationship before she began dating him, as per her interview in 2018.

The strongest American man wished to find a picture of four of them. However, she was the one who took pictures of them. He wished Happy Mother’s Day to her. Furthermore, he said he was blessed to have her and her two little boys in his life.

Licis praised her then-girlfriend for giving an extra time to take care of the kids despite focusing on her career.

He praised, “you firmly believe it’s important to make that extra effort to add love into your food! You go above and beyond for your family and loved ones constantly.”

Even though she was busy, Rowly gave her extra time to take her kids to parks to play and snuggle them when they were missing her.

“I love you Mama Bec, thank you for taking me in, when you’ve already got so much on your hands!” he wrapped up the caption.

Martins Licis Consider Her As His Favorite Teammate

The former flames had an even stronger bond because their professions were the same. Like Martins, she is also an athlete and powerlifter.

So, Licis considers her one of his absolute favorites teammates. Even more, he thought she was the number one fan.

Rowley had always helped him with his career whenever needed.

She also lifted up his heart and played a vital role in supporting him through the grueling heat, unforgiving events, and monstrous competition at World’s Strongest Man.

Martins Licis with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Rowley [Photo: Facebook]

The duo was in the Philippines, where he was participating in the World’s Strongest Man 2018.

In addition, he also thanked his mom through the post. Unfortunately, his mom couldn’t attend the event.

Split up with Rebecca Rowley

Sadly, the adorable couple ended their relationship. Neither of them ever spoke about why they split up.

Since the pair was together in 2018, they might be split up in 2019. That same year, she also found a new guy, Lucas Child.

Then she got engaged to him in late 2020 and married on June 5, 2021, as per her Facebook profile.

In 2019, Rowley entered the World’s Strongest Women and finished third place in the year of their split.

But Licis finally succeeded in winning the title of World’s Strongest Man after two years of attempts in 2017 and 2018.

At that point, they had gone their own ways. Now the question is- has Martins Licis made a girlfriend after splitting up?

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Has Martins Licis made a girlfriend after splitting up?

After the couple parted ways, she eventually found her love again. But Martins Licis has been more focused on his training.

He has posted a lot of pictures of his workouts. He hasn’t discussed relationships lately, in contrast to his former one.

Licis has been enjoying time with his friends. Recently, in May, he was in Shanghai filming Strength Unknown. He lifted the 428jin (471lb) Chinese stone in the video.

He loves his profession and continuously works for it.