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Brec Bassinger Parents: Who Is the Stargirl’s Mother?

Binesh Shrestha


The beautiful Brec Bassinger is quite lucky to have a supportive mother. She was born on May 25, 1999, to her parents, Raymond Marie and Shelley Bassinger.

Not many may know this, but Shelley has been by her daughter’s side from the very beginning of her career. And now, seeing her little one bloom into a well-known actress, the proud mother often gushes about Brec’s achievements.

Parted Ways with Brec’s Father?

For people who know who Brec is, her mother doesn’t need that much of an introduction. As stated before, since Brec’s early days, Shelley has been constantly by her side. However, not much is known about Brec’s father.

Vox Bliss states that Shelley and her daughter live together in Los Angeles. The site has also said that the rest of Brec’s family lives in Colorado City, Texas, where Raymond operates and owns a Koi fish farm.

Brec Bassinger with her family. [Source: Instagram]

Raymond is a businessperson and is the owner of Bassinger Fisheries. He is also the agent of BASS ROOFING & RESTORATION LLC, while his wife is one of the directors.

Furthermore, one of his sons is also involved in the business. Well, the company was legally formed on January 19, 2018, and has been successfully running for over five years now.

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Mother of Three Children

Alongside the Bella and the Bulldogs actress, Shelley also has two more children. They are her sons Beric Bassinger and Brice Bassinger.

Shelley Bassinger’s three children. [Source: Instagram]

Shelley’s son Beric is the oldest one in their family. He graduated from the University of North Texas. Prior to that, Beric attended Saginaw High School and had a great interest in wrestling. He had also worked as a fireman and even volunteered to help the people who were badly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Beric is also an outdoorsy person with hobbies including fishing, surfing, snowboarding, flying, and hiking.

Shelley’s youngest son Brice was born on September 13, 1993. He is also athletic like his older brother and was involved in wrestling in his high school days. He also attended Saginaw High School and later joined Texas Tech University.

Brice then studied Business Administration in Management at Rawls College of Business while pursuing a Pre-Dental degree. Previously, he worked for his father’s business, Bassinger Fisheries, for two years.

Then in May 2013, Shelley’s son started Cell Phone of America with a low capital of $200. As an owner, he is still looking for ways to expand his business.

Plus, he is involved as a co-director of Bass Roofing & Restoration LLC. Plus, it is imminent from his feed that he is a fun guy to be around.

All of Shelley Bassinger’s children adore one another. They often hang out and are very supportive of each other’s careers.

Funnily, they all share a similar name. Both of Shelley’s sons’ names are of the same letter but mixed around. Similarly, she wanted to do the same for her daughter Brec. She did come close to doing that, but eventually without an ‘I.’

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Active on Instagram

As mentioned before, Brec Bassinger’s mother is her biggest supporter. Shelley doesn’t miss a chance to show how proud she is of her kids.

From wishing them their birthdays to celebrating their achievements, Shelley greatly loves posting about her three children. Only some of her posts are about her; else, she mostly updates her followers about Brec, Brice, and Beric. She also promotes her daughter’s work.

The beautiful Shelley has also got great affection for her two dogs, Sage and Peanut.

All in all, Brec’s mom is enjoying her life as a proud momma of three and supporting them in their endeavors.