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Liza Tarbuck Thought Her Husband Would Be a Farmer

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There has always been a clouded mystery surrounding Liza Tarbuck’s relationship and marital life. Multiple questions have also arose asking who her husband is or if she has even been in a relationship.

Well, as many already know, the beautiful Liza has been famously single. She has also been able to troll journalists about her celibacy. But she is not among the people who do not desire to marry and settle down.

Always Believed Her Husband Would Be a Farmer

During an interview with The Standard, dating back to 2003, Liza stated that she and her mum Pauline Tarbuck always believed that her husband would be a farmer.

Furthermore, she also expected to have multiple children running around her ankles. In the same interview, she admitted to being fiercely independent and said,

 “It hasn’t happened, but that’s okay. I’ve just not met anyone I want to have babies with. I’m frighteningly self-contained and I’ve got a lot of mates.”

It has already been two decades since the interview, and it looks like she still hasn’t found the one with whom she intends to spend her life with.

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Had a Boyfriend during Her Drama School Days

As stated earlier, Liza is possibly single at the moment. But this hasn’t always been the case. The 58-year-old actress, like many people, had a brimming love life in her 20s.

She was in a relationship with her then-boyfriend Ross Boatman. As per The Free Library By Farlex, the ex-pair was in a live-in relationship. Since both of them are artists, it is possible that the duo met at a drama school.

It is not known when the now broken-up pair started dating, but Liza Tarbuck and Ross Boatman parted ways in 1990. However, there is also no mention of any breakup reasons.

Liza Tarbuck husband
Liza Tarbuck has had one known relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Unlike Liza, who is still unmarried, her ex-boyfriend has already found a partner. The talented actor is married to Sarah Jeynes and enjoying a blissful marital life. Talking about Sarah, she is a photographer.

Furthermore, the lovebirds have also become proud parents of three children. The adorable couple welcomed two sons named Billie Joe and Rocky Joe and a lovely daughter named Alabama Rose.

So only time will tell if Liza Tarbuck will also decide to settle down or remain single for her entire life.

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Parents Have Been Married for More than Six Decades

In a time where breakups and divorces have become fairly common, Liza Tarbuck’s parents proudly flaunt their over six decades of endearing marital life.

Many might not need much introduction regarding Liza’s father Jimmy Tarbuck, as he is a well-known singer, comedian, entertainer, game show host, and actor. He has also been awarded with the prestigious Order of the British Empire (OBE.)

Jimmy married his beautiful wife Pauline back in 1959, and the lovely pair are still going strong. Besides Liza, they have two other children. Their eldest child Cheryl was born in 1960, their middle child Liza was born in 1964, and their youngest child James was born in 1968.

There is an age gap of four years between all the Tarbuck siblings.

Liza, at times posts about her family on her Instagram handle, exclaiming how much she loves them. However, she has never posted anything that could provide a hint about her relationship and love life.

She does have guy friends but has never mentioned anything about her boyfriend or partner, or even if she has one.

There is also discussion on the Tapa Talk forum stating she has to be gay. Since she has remained single for so long, many believed she was a lesbian and wanted to know about her sexual orientation.

Expectantly, just like her parents, Liza too will find her husband with whom she can enjoy her life and experience parenthood. And when she finds one, hopefully, she will share it with her fans.