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Sheena Melwani and Husband Rock TikTok as Sensational Duo

Dinesh Shrestha

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Sheena Melwani and her husband, Dinesh Melwani, became a TikTok sensation over the pandemic. Although Dinesh is better known by his stage name, “Real Indian Dad.”

The lovely pair was behind the Interrupted series, in which Melwani sang a cover of a famous song, and he interrupted with funny commentary in the background.

Dinesh, the hilarious one, is in most of Melwani’s short videos and brings great laughter to the audience.

Their short TikTok videos engaged fans through a challenging year marked by political unrest and a deadly virus.

Sheena Melwani’s husband with an animated face in her videos [Photo: Youtube/Sheena Melwani]

Furthermore, they also attracted the attention of famous singers such as John Legend, who remarked on how great Melwani sounds.

Melwani told CNN she thought that one of the most important things that had come out of all this was much larger than videos of a girl singing and being hilariously interrupted.

The singer’s video has brought people a true gift, and people from all over the world enjoy their videos which is evident in the comments section of every video.

Moreover, Melwani’s husband was always with an animated face in the videos. Later, in 2022, the famous singer revealed her husband’s face in a YouTube video.

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Behind the Real Indian Dad: Sheena Melwani Reveals Husband’s Face

Finally, in July 2022, the singer revealed her husband’s face. She shared a video of her two children and husband in a one-and-a-half-minute video clip.

The singer uploaded the video to her YouTube channel titled ‘Trid Face Reveal.’

Still, everyone loves him in the animated face. So much so that someone went as far to comment that the emoji fits his character better than his real face because of the exaggerations.

People enjoy Dinesh’s comic timing, and the animated face makes the videos more funny.

Initially, many people were confused as to who exactly was behind the witty commentary. Some of them also believe that he was her dad.

Melwani eventually revealed that the behind the animated face was her husband. The couple is wildly popular, but their collaboration was unexpected when the couple started to make short videos.

Started As a Way To Communicate During the Pandemic

Like everyone, Melwani wanted to connect and spend time with her loved ones during the pandemic.

The couple’s collaboration started randomly at the time, and their short videos went viral. During the pandemic, she turned to music, which was her lifelong passion.

Melwani began doing live concerts on her Facebook page three times a week, where she picked out a song from a follower’s request.

Then, after her online sessions, she went on to post on Instagram, and she decided and eventually recorded ‘If the World Was Ending.’

Sheena Melwani and her husband, Dinesh Melwani, with kids at Universal Orlando Resort [Photo: Instagram]

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“As I started the song, the heckling started. I decided to keep singing, fully expecting to delete the video. But after seeing how we both were laughing so hard, I decided to post it on my TikTok page.” Melwani told CNN.

The singer joined Tiktok in May 2022, when she had only eight followers. Then she posted her song on Tiktok, which started getting views worldwide, and her account grew overnight.

Melwani’s fanbase skyrocketed throughout the world, while her original post gained over 2.9 million views. Then she decided to create the Interrupted videos, a staple of her online posts.

Her husband is still shown in her videos with an animated face, answering all fan queries.

Dinesh Is Much More than a Social Media Star

Multiple sites state that Melwani’s husband was born on June 30, 1978. Currently, he is Co-Chair of the Mintz International Practice. He also has significant experience and is fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Hindi, and Sindhi.

Dinesh first attended Concordia University and received his BA degree. Then, he joined McGill University and received his LLB and BCL degrees, both in honors. He is also a member of the Boston Bar Association and the Massachusets Bar Association.

Sheena’s partner, Dinesh, is an attorney. [Source: Mintz]

According to his LinkedIn, Dinesh first started as an Attorney at Bingham McCutchen LLP. He worked there for a total of nine years and three months, from September 2005 to November 2014. After that, he was a Partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP from December 2014 to February 2018.

Sheena’s beau has been working in Mintz Levin since February 2018.

For the time being, he is fully committed to his work as a transactional attorney. He advises both US and international clients in corporate matters,