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Spencer Charnas’ Wife-to-Be Has Appeared in His Music Videos

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The frontman of the band Ice Nine Kills, Spencer Charnas, is in love with the slasher genre. His band’s music video features emo, goth, and horror experiences. Furthermore, on several occasions, Spencer has also not hesitated to include his to-be-wife in his music videos.

The green-eyed beauty who has made numerous appearances in Ice Nine Kills songs is none other than Nadia Teichmann. She has portrayed either the victim or the love interest in the plot of the story.

Spencer Charnas Is an Enagaged Man

According to Spin, Nadia is Spencer’s fiancée. The singer has featured her in several of his band’s music videos. It’s reported that he wanted to replicate the gimmick of how Rob Zombie used his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, in his films.

Further, she has become a part of their performance as Nadia is loved by the fans of his band as well.

Unfortunately, the couple has not disclosed any details regarding their engagement yet.

Could it be it was organized in a private setting? Furthermore, the couple has also not made any comment about their engagement or their plans to get married.

However, Nadia one time tweeted about who will buy her an engagement ring. Similarly, a month later, the actress and model expressed she was ready to meet her husband.

Moreover, she once stated waking up next to her fiance was the best thing ever. But later revealed she was kidding about the fiance thing.

Spencer and Nadia, Together for More than a Decade

The couple has been together since 2012. In January 2023, Nadia tweeted an adorable photo of the pair from 11 years ago.

spencer-with-his-girlfriend nadia
Spencer With His Girlfriend Nadia Teichmann [Photo: Facebook]

The lovebirds have shared their journey together on their individual social media account for years. In April 2012, Spencer posted a picture with Nadia and his pet with the caption, “the family <3.”

It demonstrates the love and affection he has for her, which has not dwindled even after all these years.

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Nadia Is a Casting Director

Spencer’s girlfriend Nadia is a casting director who is based in LA. She operates alongside Lina Farache at Casting Spell. Further, as per the information provided on her Instagram bio, she has described herself as an iced coffee lover, horror fanatic, and rock music lover.

Spencer’s Girlfriend Nadia [Photo: Facebook]

Similar to her boyfriend, Nadia is a talented individual who works as an actress and a model. She has been featured in numerous videos, including the Welcome to Horrorwood video series and The Silver Scream.

Besides, apart from her appearances in music videos, Nadia has also worked in movies as well. She made her debut on the big screens with Silencer as Anderson’s Wife in 2018.

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Spencer Was Previously Married

Before being with Nadia, Spencer was previously committed to his former wife. So, if he exchanges wedding vows now, it will be his second marriage.

The frontman of Ice Nine Kills mentioned his ex-wife while answering questions from his fans in an interview with Metal Hammer in August 2022.

During the session, he was asked about his encounter with a creature that nearly killed him. In response, Spencer replied that it was his ex-wife, whom he was married to quite a while ago.

However, despite his comments, the singer has not disclosed any information regarding his previous relationship and married life.