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LeeAnn Kreischer: Her Journey on Weight Loss – Shoutout to Her Coach

Binesh Shrestha


The beautiful LeeAnn Kreischer lost 11 pounds in the early months of 2020, and when asked the secret behind it, she simply answered, “I paid for it.”

Some folks are self-motivated, whereas some need an external factor of motivation. Well, Bert Kreischer‘s wife falls on the latter.

Hired a Trainer to Lose Weight

While being present for the Where My Moms At? podcast with Christina P., LeeAnn revealed that she had hired a trainer. She humorously linked losing weight to trying to fix a car, stating,

“It’s like trying to fix your car yourself and then you end up spending eight hours and you still haven’t changed your spark plugs.”

Considering what she said, it looks like LeeAnn did try losing weight independently but didn’t succeed. So later, she decided to take help from someone who knew how to get people in shape.

In her earlier days, LeeAnn could eat salad for two days and lose almost five pounds. But as per her, it was difficult now, looking at her age.

LeeAnn also revealed her diet when she was on the podcast. Her trainer had her eat mostly lean protein, dark green vegetables, and almonds. She sounded like she was bored of it.

Before hiring a trainer, LeeAnn, like many, searched online portals, thinking they knew what she was doing. It was only later on when her coach explained that since everyone had a different body and was built differently, they had to have someone who knew what they were doing with their body specifically.

Furthermore, Bert’s partner always wasn’t concerned about her weight. When she first met him, she only weighed 108 pounds. Then slowly, over time, she gained weight. She jokingly stated that her hips became four times wide.

All in all, LeeAnn’s hard work paid off. She posted a photo of her back in July 2020 wearing a shirt that hadn’t fit her since 2003.

LeeAnn Kreischer was wearing a shirt that hadn’t fit her since 2003. [Source: Instagram]

Unfortunately, LeeAnn hasn’t shared much about who her coach was/is. But looking at how slim she is, she still might be following what her trainer has taught her.

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LeeAnn’s Husband’s Weight Loss Journey

Not just LeeAnn Kreischer, but her husband Bert too was concerned about his weight. He often took weight loss challenges to keep his body in check.

When Bert was 265 pounds, his fans, alongside his friend Tom Segura, a comedian, fat-shamed him. Ultimately, that hurt his self-esteem and ego. The triggering point came from his friend Ari Shaffir when he said Bert was “disgusting.”

Then later, they placed a bet with Tom. The bet stated whoever would lose the most weight over two months between Tom and Bert then Ari would pay for the duo’s vacation as per the winner’s choice.

Well, despite losing 40 pounds, LeeAnn’s husband lost the bet.

Furthermore, in March 2022, Bert uploaded a video on YouTube with a weight loss challenge.

He said that for every pound any of his guys lost in that trip would get $50. And for every pound he lost, Ron, the bus driver, would get $50. LeeAnn’s partner’s main goal was to inspire his guys to make him lose weight.

LeeAnn Is a Woman of Multiple Talents

Alongside being the renowned comedian Bert Kreischer’s wife, LeeAnn is also a writer, podcaster, and actress. When she met her partner, LeeAnn was almost 30, working as a writer.

She has worked as a producer in The Machine and Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle. She runs the Wife of the Party podcast.

LeeAnn Kreischer and her husband Bert, [Source: Instagram]

Furthermore, after a while of dating, the lovely couple exchanged marital vows in December 2003. Since then, the married duo has welcomed two daughters and embraced parenthood.

They welcomed their eldest named, Georgia Kreischer, in 2004, and then Ila Kreischer followed two years later. The family of four lives a blissful life.