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G. Garvin, aka Gerry Garvin’s Wife Works Real Estate

Himal Ale Magar


G. Garvin is a famed chef, who is known to be a loving father to his children and an affectionate husband to his wife.

He once said, “It is not about you, and everything you do for your kids comes first,” in an episode of the They Call Me Dad series.

Needless to say, Garvin is a talented chef who is dedicated to his family. However, the celebrity chef prefers to keep his personal life private. Similarly, Garvin has not posted anything related to his family in recent years, which begs the question, is G. Garvin still married?

G. Garvin’s: A Devout Husband

Garvin is married to his wife, Selam Walde. Much like her husband, Selam prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. Additionally, she has been inactive on social media platforms for years.

Her last post on Facebook was on August 2012. Nonetheless, Garvin and Selam could be seen together in 2014 on a Facebook post uploaded by their supposed friend.

The picture was captioned, “A terrific night with a wonderful birthday couple Selam Welde & Chef G. Garvin they are the best.”

Besides, not much is known about Garvin’s wife. According to her Facebook, she is from Atlanta, Georgia.

G. Garvin [Photo: Facebook]

On the other hand, according to the real estate company Homes.com, Selam Welde works as a real estate agent. The site further claimed she has six years of field experience and 29 closed sales.

Apart from her professional life, not much is known about her personal life, including information about her marriage.

So, it is not known when the couple married or the timeline of their relationship. Additionally, the burning question of whether Garvin and Selam are still married has been up in the air amongst their followers.

It is up to Garvin and his wife, Selam, to shed some light on the subject matter and clarify their current relationship with each other.

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G. Garvin: A Doting Father

The acclaimed chef is as good at keeping his life private as with delicious-looking recipes. Nonetheless, Garvin had posted a few pictures of his wife and children, which provided solace to his fans who were curious about his personal life.

In regards to his children, Garvin is a proud father of son Maxell and daughter Nola Miles Mlhaley.

The chef was not hesitant to show his love for his wife and children to the masses. On one such occasion, Garvin posted a picture on Facebook during Christmas in December 2013.

G. Garvin With His Family [Photo: Facebook]

The picture was a family portrait with a lovely caption, “Hoping everyone had a wonderful day full of good food, friends, and family. From mine to yours, Merry Christmas -G”.

Further, Garvin and his family also made numerous public appearances together. For instance, chef Garvin along with his wife and daughter was spotted in 2014 attending G. Garvin Live at Buckhead Theatre.

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G. Garvin: What’s Cooking?

Garvin is a cookbook author, acclaimed chef, James Beard Nominee, Television Host, and Philanthropist. G. Garvin, aka Chef Gerry Garvin, started his culinary career in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Ritz Carlton-Downtown.

He was the youngest line cook in the gourmet dining room. Eventually, he was chosen by the luxury brand to move to California. It is where Garvin opened the Ritz Carlton-Rancho Mirage and operated under Chef Jean Pierre Dubray.

Garvin had a promising career ahead, and he relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he took the position of Sous Chef at Noa Noa. After working three years at the establishment, he moved to the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills.

Apart from his career as a chef, Garvin is also a notable author. He released his first cookbook, Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin in 2016. It was nominated for an NAACP Image Award and won an American Literacy Award.