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Katie McGowan Decided to Change Her Lifestyle at the Cheesecake Factory

Dinesh Shrestha


Losing weight is a difficult journey that requires self-care and courage, which Katie Mcgowan has. Her amazing physical transformation after weight loss has drawn people’s eyes.

Even more, people take inspiration from the internet personality to take better care of themselves. No doubt, she pushed herself hard to transform over the years.

Firstly, she appeared in Ink Master season six, where fans saw her chubby. Later, surprising the fans with her amazing transformation, she came to the show again in season 10.

Decided to Take Better Care of Herself

She explained her long journey while speaking to Inkedmag.

From the get-go, she was a food lover, and she was not shy about admitting that she would always be. But at one moment in her life motivated her to take better care of herself.

The tipping moment occurred at a Cheesecake Factory of all places. At the time, she was working at a tattoo convention.

Firstly in her mind, she believed a tattoo artist’s life consisted of drinking coffee, eating greasy fries for lunch, and working for ten hours hunched over.

On the last night at the convention center, she went to the Cheesecake Factory because it had stayed open late.

Katie Mcgowan’s physical transformation after weight loss [Photo: YouTube/Instagram]

Mcgowan was already feeling pretty worn out from the weekend, and her food decisions over the previous days weren’t helping the matter.

However, she persisted in ordering a larger, indulgent meal, a glass of sour sangria the size of her head, and a slice of reese’s-snickers-chocolateblast-banana swirl-ice cream cheesecake.

Shortly after walking from the restaurant to the hotel, she felt instant regret. Mcgowan felt so uncomfortable and defeated in her own body. She said,

“The cheesecake factory had won. And I was a loser. A self-aware loser, but still. And in that moment, after slowly crawling into my hotel bed, I had decided that I no longer wanted to be a victim of a basic-ass corporate chain restaurant.”

Then she thought that it was time for a change.

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Her Amazing Physical Transformation After Weight Loss

After taking better care of herself, she lost an amazing amount of weight. Then she appeared on the aforementioned show with her mesmerizing look.

Her wonderful clients and netizens began to ask about her weight-loss journey on her Instagram then.

From being chubby to thoroughly looking slim—they were amazed.

McGowan chose the natural path for her weight loss. The internet personality said that she followed the weight loss guidebook.

Initially, she put together a guide that went in-depth about daily routines. In the guide, it was mentioned what she routinely bought from grocery stores, what she chose to cook for meals, snacks that she took to work, and an average session at the gym.

Her first step toward the weight loss journey was choosing a healthy amount of calories to consume in one day. She said,

“I coupled that with 30 minutes – 1 hour of cardio three times per week. The guide that I’m putting together will provide all the deets of every part of my process starting from the beginning of my journey.”

Maintaining a Healthy Weight Was a Mental Game for Her

Being a food lover, it’s hard to self-control not to eat food while dieting. Understandably, it was hard for her to maintain a healthy weight.

She felt it was such a mental game for her because food was a beloved part of her life. Before she became consistent in making better food choices, food frequently played an unnecessarily destructive role in her life.

Just like others, she found various reasons to eat food. In every emotion, she found an excuse to eat food. For instance, if she was celebrating a special occasion, feeling disappointed, sad, happy, bored, or hanging out with friends who were eating.

Katie Mcgowan [Photo: Instagram]

However, she genuinely felt a lot better about herself once she started exercising and eating more responsibly.

Then she even started to feel self-love. The guide also helped her get beyond some mental obstacles to weight loss. Particularly those that were common at the start of the journey.

She thought it’s important to get inspired by others when beginning or continuing the journey of “living your best life.”

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But she suggested not to get too hung up on what the media’s standards of “beauty” were. She stated, “Beauty can be anything and everything.”