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Jenna Kutcher and Her Amazing Journey of Weight Loss and Staying on Diet

Binesh Shrestha


In 2018, Jenna Kutcher received hate from netizens when she uploaded a photo alongside her husband Drew Kutcher. It was just a normal photo of a couple strolling on a beach in Hawaii, wearing bathing suits and happily sharing a smooch.

Sadly, she was body shamed in the comments. Netizens stated they couldn’t believe how the curvy blogger managed to land someone as good-looking as Drew.

Nevertheless, Jenna has come a long way since then, as many fans are shocked to see her weight loss transformation.

Jenna Kutcher’s Weight Loss Journey

Well, Jenna hasn’t quite called it her weight loss journey, but she has referred to it as ways to prioritize her health.

One of the first things Jenna listed on her ways to prioritize her health was checking in on her metabolic health. She used Levels to monitor her body’s response and blood sugar levels to the food she ate in real time.

Levels Health is a service that uses biosensors like continuous glucose monitors and provides feedback on how diet and lifestyle choices impact metabolic health.

For the first-time pre-pregnancy, she used Levels with Quinn, her daughter. Then she hired Brigid Titgemeier, a registered dietician. Brigid created plans for Jenna using her Levels data and other health charts.

The two met every other week to check in, recap things, and make further plans to improve her health. Jenna also had appointments with medical labs. She had a full blood and urine workup to check on her hormones, micronutrients, and deficiencies.

In addition, she also did a DNA methylation test, a gene-specific investigation. Seeing what was lacking in her body made it easier to select supplements she needed to take to maintain optimal health.

Besides, the entrepreneur also invested in some health technologies. She bought HyperIce Normatec leg sleeves which offer faster healing through compression and lymphatic drainage. She also bought an Infrared PEMF mat. PEMF grounds the user in the Earth’s magnetic field, and the infrared’s heat doubles one’s doses.

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She also did Red Light Therapy, a treatment that reportedly improves the skin’s appearance using low-wavelength red light.

Another thing she did in her weight loss journey was move her body consistently. She also tried getting in an equipment-based workout at least four times a week.

She also bought an air fryer to cut down on the oil in her diet and called it the best kitchen gadget.

Jenna’s Current Health Routine

Well, Jenna doesn’t let criticism affect her and is proud of what she has achieved. In her April 13, 2023 blog, the photographer revealed her day-to-day priorities to maintain her fit body.

The first thing she did was consume chia seeds with hot lemon water. She also took ketone aid. Though the taste felt like gasoline to her, it surely provided her with lots of energy.

Jenna Kutcher. [Source: Instagram]

Furthermore, daily supplements, PEMF mat, Red Light Therapy, 20 minutes in the sauna, 3 minutes immersing in cold water, moving for 30-60 minutes, and healthy foods enriched with fat, carbs, and protein also fall on the list.

With the aforementioned preferences, she was also exploring new things, including cortisol response, stable blood sugar regulation, strength training, peptides for brain health, and eating more breakfast.

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Concerns Surrounding Her Weight Loss

It is pretty clear that Jenna Kutcher has worked hard to get the body she has now. She went through many hardships and hurtful comments for this impressive feat.

However, there are plenty of people out there questioning her authenticity. One Reddit user asked how she went from having a curvy figure for the last decade to being so small, so fast on the r/JennaKutcher subreddit.

Another user hinted that she could be using some weight-loss drugs such as Ozempic and Wegovy. Well, they both utilize the active compound semaglutide.

People doubt if Jenna used weight loss drugs. [Source: Instagram]

When Jenna had gained a little weight in the past, people would often comment that she was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. And now that she looks slimmer, people say she is no longer relatable and must not have loved her previous version since she has changed a lot.