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BasicallyIDoWrk Found Love for the Second Time

Himal Ale Magar


Marcel Cunningham, better known by his channel name BasicallyIDoWrk, had a piece of heartbreaking news for his female admirers. In December 2021, the YouTuber took to his Instagram to reveal that he had a girlfriend.

BasicallyIDoWrk AKA Marcel Cunningham [Photo: Instagram]

Before committing to a relationship with his current girlfriend, Marcel was a married man. Unfortunately, the then-married couple separated, and the reason has not been revealed yet.

Basicallyidowrk’s Blossoming Relationship with His Girlfriend

Marcel had dedicated a sweet message to his girlfriends Kris Mae as he revealed her to his fans and followers.

He initially shared a collage of them decorating a Christmas tree and captioned it, saying, “Merr Crimus.” However, he did not reveal her identity then.

Then, a few days later, he shared a picture of them doing onesies. He captioned the post, saying, “Love this woman.” This time he mentioned her account, thus revealing her identity as Kris Mae.

The post was well-received by his fans and followers. One of the users responded, “Happy for you Marcus.”

Ever since making their relationship Instagram official, the couple often posts about one another on social media. The lovebirds do not shy away from showing off their love and admiration for one another.

Marcel And His Girlfriend Kris [Photo: Instagram]

The Youtuber has expressed on his Instagram post that his girlfriend was his favorite distraction. So, it is assumed that the member of the Vanoss crew dedicates a lot of time to her.

Besides, the dynamic couple has good chemistry with each other. They have showcased their affection and support for each other’s passion over the years.

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Kris Mae’s Love For Her Boyfriend

Similar to BasicallyIDoWrk, Kris Mae is not hesitant to showcase her affection for her boyfriend. Initially, some fans noted that Kris did not post her boyfriend on her socials and commented it was suspicious.

But, she cleared the misunderstanding by posting a picture with him a month after his reveal. The post was captioned, “the best day[sic],” to which Marcel humorously responded, saying, “Where am I following you to next?”

Further, Kris expressed her gratitude to her boyfriend a year after they started dating.

According to her Instagram post, in August 2021, she went on a date with him with no expectations. He took her to her favorite restaurant, kissed him good night, and drove home to make her him.

Kris Mae [Photo: Instagram]

Sharing about this incident on her Instagram, BasicallyIDoWrk’s lover further wrote, “Before I knew it, he was gently tucking my teddy bear in next to me at night and getting my Starbucks every morning. Everything about him sets me on fire. I adore him and I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings.”

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BasicallyIDoWrk’s Previous Marriage

The Youtuber Marcel Cunningham was married to his former wife, Simone Olivia. Marcel announced their marriage in December 2016 as he posted a picture of a wedding ring on his Twitter post.

According to LiveRampUp, the former couple shared their first picture together in 2014. After that, they frequently appeared in each other’s social media posts.

Unfortunately, the former couple separated six years later. The news of their separation came out when his ex-wife addressed it in her Twitter post on June 2020.

Marcel’s ex-wife wrote the post as she felt it was necessary to be honest with her followers, as she believed her life with Marcel had been public for six years.

Simone went on to share that she and Marcel had separated, and it was a difficult time for both of them. Marcel’s ex-wife added that they still had a lot of love for each other and remained good friends.

On the other hand, despite not being previously married, Marcel’s girlfriend was in a relationship. According to her blog, Kris met her ex-boyfriend Jon through Tinder, and after several months of dating, they moved in together.

Sadly, her relationship ended, and although she did not share the details, Kris expressed her respect for her ex-boyfriend. She further revealed that she had no hard feelings toward him and it the decision came with mutual understanding.