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Aaron Goodwin’s Is Smitten with His Second Wife

Dinesh Shrestha


The TV personality Aaron Goodwin and his photographer wife, Victoria Goodwin, tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony after being together for four years.

Over the years, the pair enjoyed each other’s company and finally took the further step in their relationship. But some netizens might be surprised as this is Goodwin’s second marriage.

Got Married in August 2022

The couple’s wedding ceremony got postponed several times due to Covid restrictions. Finally, in August 2022, Aaron and his lovely wife Jenna married in front of family and relatives.

Goodwin posted a picture of their wedding with the caption, “It finally happened we got married.” Aaron said he couldn’t be happier than that. After viewing the post, netizens flooded with “congratulations” comments.

Aaron Goodwin and Jenna Henderson tied the knot in 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

The couple’s wedding was supposed to be held in 2020. When Goodwin proposed to her in 2019, they had already set a day of May 4, 2020, but they had to postpone due to Covid restrictions.

On their previously scheduled wedding date, he shared their picture and penned, “When I proposed, and we set a date, May 4th. Today we were supposed to get married.” “We had to delay, but she’s worth the wait,” He added.

Furthermore, on the occasion of their one-year anniversary, he took to Instagram to express his gratitude for her. He thanks her for many laughs every day and all the funs they had together.

“I love u so much Victoria!!!! I can’t wait for many many more years,” he quipped.

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Got Engaged in 2019

The TV personality and the photographer got engaged in October 2019. Goodwin knelt down to one knee, presenting a beautiful engagement ring. At that time, Jenna covered her mouth with excitement.

He proposed when they were in Disneyland. In the caption, he composed, “She said yes.”

The TV personality often shared several pictures with his lady love. For instance, he uploaded a cozy picture with his beloved wife in November 2021 and expressed his gratitude for having her.

He remarked, “I’m so thankful to have her in my life.” Further, Goodwin added that they laugh so much, and she makes him happy. Then he ended up with the caption saying, “Thank you, honey. I can’t wait to make you my wife.”

The couple’s picture on Valentine’s Day 2021 showed them in a state of similar bliss.

Aron Goodwin and Jenna Henderson [Photo: Instagram]

As his wife kissed him, Goodwin could be seen grinning excitedly in the picture. He later added a caption to the photo expressing his gratitude for her presence.

Began dating in 2018

Goodwin has chronicled his sentiments for his wife on social media and shared the highs and lows of his relationship status. Firstly, he announced his relationship through Instagram in August 2018.

Goodwin shared a picture with his partner where they held each other’s hands. He stated in the caption that they were friends initially. As time passed, they helped each other in hard times.

Then the couple realized that their relationship was bigger than that.

After that, he shared numerous pictures with his wife. The pair got engaged in 2019 and married in 2022. But this wasn’t his first marriage, as he married another woman previously. Who was his first wife?

Was Previously Married to Sheena

Aaron Goodwin previously married Sheena. The couple lived together in Oregon and had a good relationship. But his busy schedule and the nature of his job got their marriage in the end.

In July 2011, he shared his tough experience fighting with spiritual things. Things went wrong when he investigated Bobby Mackey’s, a popular bar and club in Kentucky.

After that, he noticed that spirits followed him home from there. Goodwin and his ex-wife shared the same nightmares at night and went through paranormal stuff.

Aaron Goodwin with his ex-wife [Photo: Pinterest]

His nightmare had to do with the white-beard guy who always tried to get her. Then the couple woke up at the same time at night.

Sheena was a tough cookie and could handle all of this. But he was worried about her because he knew that he would be away from home most of the time.

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His marriage to his partner ended amicably. He said that they were still best friends and often hung out. Sheena moved on successfully and was happy with her boyfriend.