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Kenzo B | Learn All About Her Inspiration And Real Name

Himal Ale Magar


Kenzo B is an aspiring rapper in the Bronx drill scene who got her major breakout when she was just 17 years of age when her song ‘Bump It’ came out in 2021.

As of writing, she is 19 years old but has the talent of someone who was been in the rap scene for years. So, be on the lookout for what’s next to come. If you haven’t heard about her, here is what you’ve been missing out on.

Kenzo B’s Real Name and Ethnicity

The aspiring musician was born Te’arah Gaines on March 4, 2004, in The Bronx, New York. She was welcomed by her mom, Miranda Martinez, and her dad, whose identity has not been revealed.

Kenzo grew up along with her three siblings, Bando GZ, Slim Butta, and Chaviiiii. Furthermore, she is of mixed ethnicity.

Further, in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Kenzo B revealed information regarding her ethnicity and nationality.

She stated, “I’m Puerto Rican and Black, and it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I think I’m Jamaican.

Then, the host asked which derived from her mom’s or dad’s side or both. To which she replied,

“I think my mama’s Puerto Rican and Black, and then my dad’s Black, and I think I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I think he’s Jamaican.”

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Kenzo B’s Musical Journey

Kenzo B started rapping in a competitive battle rap arena in the south Bronx. To survive surrounded by opponents, Kenzo had to send lyrical jabs all around.

Recalling her early years, Kenzo revealed in an interview with Fader that the competition came from her brothers, the oldest was already in the music scene and wanted his siblings in on the action.

She said, “My brothers had me watching battle rap, and before one of them would go battle, he would practice his rhymes on me.”

Kenzo B [Photo: Instagram]

The rapper added that they would battle each other, and it was the reason why she rapped the way she did. She expressed being able to freestyle in her own house was a flex.

Although still a teenager, Kenzo, whose real name is Te’arah Gaines, is a veteran in the drill scene. Kenzo rhymes from the gut and is renowned for her throaty and quick-witted bars.

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Did Kenzo’s Brother Inspire Her? What Is His Real Name?

Kenzo never missed an opportunity to show her talent as a rapper. Her drive to become the best is evident in songs like ‘DeadGame,’ ‘Bump It,’ and ‘Make It Lit.’ Her killer instincts grew within her as she was raised in the rough neighborhood of The Bronx, where she is currently deemed as Queen of Drill.

Kenzo’s endeavor as a musical artist began as a child. During that time, her eldest brother, whose real name is Hank was already in the rap scene in New York.

As she was influenced by her brother’s music, she incorporated elements of gangster rap, boom-bap, and trap in her songs. Kenzo began rapping at the age of 13 and has now become one of the most recognized faces in the scene.

Regarding her upbringing as an aspiring rapper, Lenzo revealed that Kenzo’s brother was her inspiration. It was he who urged her to pick up the pen. She added, “I tried writing one day as a joke,” “And from there—because I loved to do it—I just kept doing it.”

Was Kenzo’s Parents Supportive Of Her?

The Fader reported Kenzo’s first song was about a bowl of cereal to the tune of the song ‘Started From The Bottom’ by Drake. The artist said she still remembered the lyrics as she rhymed, “‘Hangin’ with my sis and bros, drinkin’ all this milk / eatin’ bowls of cereal, dancin’ ‘cause we kilt.”

Eventually, Kenzo’s parents, especially her mother, saw potential in her and other siblings. She had a firm belief in the foundation Kenzo had to shine on stardom. Kenzo’s mom also started to save up money in order to fund her and other siblings’ studio time.

Kenzo B [Photo: YouTube/Kenzo B]

Further, to prepare herself as an artist, Kenzo used to prepare her rhymes and practice with her brothers. As time went by, Kenzo filmed her first music video with her brothers when she was 13.

Kenzo revealed that the video was uploaded on Youtube. However, she expressed it did not get a lot of views, but back then, it was a reasonable amount.

Kenzo finally achieved her dream as she signed a deal with French Montana’s Coke Boy Records in 2022. Her songs like ‘Bump It’ and ‘The Facts’ helped put her on the map in the male-dominated drill scene.