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Viral Jewish Rapper BLP Kohser | What Is His Real Name?

Himal Ale Magar


Best known for his songs like ‘Jew on the Canoe’ and ‘Mazel Tron,’ BLP Kosher is a rapper from South Florida who also has an attention-grabbing hairstyle. He is mostly known by his stage name rather than by his real name.

At first, one might be skeptical regarding his aesthetic gimmick, but the artist has meaningful reasons behind everything he does, including his songs.

What Is BLP Kosher’s Real Name?

Rapper BLP Kosher’s real name is Benjamin Landy Pavlon. He hails from Broward County, the place where Kodak Black came from.

Growing up, Kosher was raised in a family who believed in the Jewish faith, which the rapper still practices. Even though he mostly practices his religious beliefs on Sabbath, Kosher maintains a relationship with his religion.

As per the report by Rollingstone, Kosher said, “I would pray randomly at a bus stop, or when I’m doing something like jaywalking, I’ll start praying.”

BLP Kosher [Photo: Instagram]

Further, Kosher spent most of his time as a kid with his family in Boca. Eventually, he moved to Deerfield in Broward County, where he Kosher found himself among people he did not know.

Kosher is an openly Jewish rapper with an elaborate hairdo. Adding to his physical aesthetic, the rapper is armed with dynamic flows and self-aware lyrics about his faith.

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BPL Kosher’s Hairstyle| His Friend Made It As A Gift

Unlike most rappers, Kosher elevated his religious beliefs upfront in his rap persona. Kosher is mostly seen in his custom Kashket, which enabled his wick dreadlocks to stick out.

Regardings his signature hairstyle, Kosher shared that three years ago, an unfortunate event changed his life forever.

At the time, Kosher’s close friend Charmane’s girlfriend had passed away. As a consolation, the rapper made a special prayer that helps the soul elevate to heaven.

BLP Kosher [Photo: Instagram]

His friend Charmane was moved by the gesture and wanted to do something special for Kosher as well.

As a token of appreciation from his friend, Charmane changed Kosher’s traditional curls into two wicks, which is one of the popular hairstyles in South Florida.

Although the wick was an unusual look, Kosher embraced it and started getting attention in the town because of it.

Sadly, tragedy struck when Kosher’s friend Charmane got shot and killed by police.

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Story Behind Kosher’s Name And Religion As Part Of His Artistry

According to the report by Complex, Kosher got his stage name from Jew Sheisty as he gave him his. The rapper shared that his name was just BLP at the beginning.

Kosher added he was thinking of changing his name to Luh Kosher, but Jew wanted him to keep the BLP. So, his name became BLP Kosher.

Similarly, Jew Sheisty wanted to name himself Young Dreidel, but Kosher came up with the name Jew Sheisty.

Besides, regarding his Jewish identity in his songs, Kosher said he just embraced it. The rapper further expressed he was just a jit on a skateboard from South Florida.

Kosher believed it was all he cared about, and he would pray and look out for signs from God. He shared that when you see these signs, God might be telling you something.

So, in such a situation, Kosher stated one should hold on to it and not try to run astray or turn away from it.

Besides, regarding his inspiration as a kid and who he was influenced by. Kosher revealed he grew up listening to 9lokkNine, XXTentacion, and Kodak Black. He added that it was mostly Florida stuff he grew up listening to.