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Jess Hilarious’ Older Sister Exposed Her Secret

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Jess Hilarious’s older sister, Lady Raige, exposed her little sister’s secret after the comedian fired her—”#PettyPost.”

She posted a picture on Instagram where she exposed Jess for lying about the cosmetic enhancements she got for her buttocks.

“I post what TF I want!!!,” Raige wrote in the captions.

Lady Raige exposed her little sister Jess Hilarious fake body [Photo: Youtube/PetTeaBlog]

Lady Raige Blows the Whistle on Her Sister

Raige opined that there was nothing wrong with undergoing cosmetic procedures. However, in her eyes, one had to be honest about it.

Raige was not happy about Jess claiming to the public that she hadn’t undergone cosmetic surgery on her buttocks when she evidently had some professional help in looking the way she did.

“I have been nothing but humble and quiet,” she penned. “I do nothing to no one [sic].”

She called out her sister soon after:

“When you become a bully and pick on people knowing that no one can do anything to you without going to jail then it becomes a problem.”

Raige evidently did not want a beef with her sister. She just wanted to be left alone. All she really wanted to do was sing all day and be the best mom she could.

Why Jess Hilarious Fired Her Sister

Later Jess stated the reason for firing Raige. Raige had allegedly violated the company guidelines and affected the well-being of Jess’ business.

Raige defended herself and said that she hadn’t violated any company guidelines. She further stated that Jess fired her because she supported the LGBTQ community.

Raige claimed that Jess was mad when she told one of her friends who was part of the LGBTQ community that she loved and supported them.

Jess Hilarious replied to her older sister [Photo: Youtube/PetTeaBlog]

Later the comedian also replied that Raige was angry because she got fired, which cut off her means of income. Further, she stated that Raige and her mother kept attempting to hurt her and her career. She said that her buttocks weren’t fake.

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Jess Hilarious Claimed That Her Back Isn’t Fake

Jess always claimed that her buttocks weren’t fake. The comedian always defended herself by saying she had always had “Big Yadda” and hadn’t done plastic surgery.

Previously, she had done plastic surgery on her breast, which she openly shared with everyone. So people believed her words even after they noticed that her buttocks looked different.

Everyone noticed her curves getting more pronounced, seemingly out of nowhere, until her sister exposed her, that is.

Jess Hilarious
Jess Hilarious [Photo: Instagram]

Lady Raige Shared Screenshots

After revealing Jess’s secret, Raige also shared a screenshot of a message Jess sent.

Take a look:

Jess Hilarious shared a screenshot of the message with Jess
Jess Hilarious shared a screenshot of the message with Jess [Photo: Youtube/PetTeaBlog]

Later, Raige shared another message screenshot claiming Jess had sent her mom a disrespectful message.

Raige also mentioned in the caption that her mom is still trying to heal from the accident and had one surgery previously. She also warned Jess to stay away from her mom.

Jess Hilarious sent a disrespectful message to Lady Raige’s mother [Photo: Youtube/PetTeaBlog]

The posts were deleted a few hours later after sharing. But Jess always claimed that her back wasn’t fake and always defended herself from fans and her older sister.

When her fans knew the truth, some supported Jess while others supported her older sister.

Fans Divided After Lady Raige Exposed Her Sister’s Secret

People had already noticed the change in Jess’ buttocks but weren’t sure if it really was surgically enhanced. They had also asked the comedian, but she refused and told her back wasn’t fake.

But when her older sister revealed the truth, the fans were divided squarely into two camps. While some of the comedian’s fans were mad at her older sister for exposing her little sister, others supported Raige.

Some fans questioned Jess’s older sister why she revealed her own little sister, whereas some users said that getting her body done is not a big deal at all.

Everyone reacted differently and shared their thought on it. Some also said that Jess was wild and rude and could believe that she was a bully behind closed doors.