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Eniko Hart’s Close-Knit Relationship with Her Parents

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Eniko Hart, wife to the fan-favorite comedian Kevin Hart, was born on August 18, 1984, in Baltimore, Maryland, to Jamaican parents of African and Chinese descent.

Eniko’s love for her parents is undeniable. She shares her parents’ pictures on social media frequently. Each year, she makes sure to put up a heartfelt message to wish her parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day.

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Eniko Hart Wished Her Parents On Father’s and Mother’s Day

Eniko wishes her parents every year on Father’s and Mother’s Day, as is evident on her social platforms. Last year, she posted a picture of herself, her child, and her father and wished him a happy Father’s Day.

In the caption, Eniko said that as she had aged over the years, she could clearly see where some of her habits came from, both good and bad. Eniko also hoped to have a fantastic day and said she adored his eccentric self.

Eniko Hart parents husband
Eniko Hart’s parents with her husband, Kevin Hart [Photo: Instagram]

She thanked her father for protecting her and being an example of what a father/husband should be.

Eniko had also wished her mother on Mother’s Day. She captioned, “As I get older and wiser, I see so much of myself in you, I love you..and I thank you! The GOAT!.”

Eniko Hart Expresses Love and Gratitude to Her Beloved Dad

Eniko Hart posted her dad’s picture on Instagram and wrote a lengthy, heartwarming caption to her beloved dad.

The internet personality said in the caption that her father didn’t even give her a chance to call and say Happy Father’s Day without cussing her out.

However, it was her dad’s way of showing love for his daughter, and she understood it well. Further, she penned there was no way that she could let Father’s Day pass without acknowledging her first love.

Eniko Hart wished her dad a happy Father’s Day in 2014 [Photo: Instagram]

Eniko felt lucky to have a dad like this who supported her in every step of her life. She considered him the best dad a girl could ever ask for.

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Eniko Hart Cherishes Her Mom On Christmas Day

Evidently, Eniko isn’t one to show love and appreciation for her parents on social media.

She posted a picture of herself and her mother on Christmas day with a message of gratitude to the doting parent.

She thanked her mother for being the best mom ever. Eniko couldn’t thank her mother enough for that she had done and still does for her little girl.

Eniko Hart and her mom celebrated Christmas together in 2017 [Photo: Instagram]

Eniko’s mom was with her for three months in 2017, and she said that she was going to be sad when she left.

In the snap, they were in front of the Christmas tree, addressing the camera and hugging each other.

Not long after she posted the beautiful picture, netizens rushed to the comment section to show their love for Eniko and her mother.

Eniko’s Life Before Spotlight

Eniko Hart was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.

Her parents are of Jamaican heritage. As for her ethnicity, she has African and Chinese roots.

Aside from being the celebrity comedian’s wife, she is also a model and a social media influencer. She has gained an impressive number of followers on Instagram.

Eniko got a big break as a model walking the runway on the Television series Rip the Runway, which aired on BET in 2013. The program focused on fashion and was presented by Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.

Eniko and Kevin collaborated with Fabletics, a reasonably priced exercise apparel company co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. Their latest sportswear collection is called “Wandered,” inspired by nature.