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Julia Shaw’s Candid Insights: Married Life Unveiled

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Clarifying the Google most searched questions in 2021, Julia Shaw tweeted and answered four questions, one of which was, “Is Dr. Julia Shaw married?”

“Sort of. I’m in a civil partnership,” revealed Julia while responding to the inquiries regarding her marital status in April 2021.

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Julia’s Is Married

The Psychological scientist Julia Shaw disclosed that she is married to Paul Livingston.

In December 2019, she tweeted their photo together to update fans that they gave notice of their intent to form a civil partnership.

She wrote, “What a historic day – the first it was EVER possible for different sex couples in England and Wales.”

Julia further added, “Thanks for making it possible @beccasteinfeld and @charleskeidan and @EqualCPs#adatetocelebrate.”

They entered into the civil partnership on February 1, 2020. She shared the news on her Twitter. Many congratulated the married pair.

The author of multiple best-selling books and a BBC science communicator had no reluctance to reveal her partner on social media in April 2021.

She further stretched, “I do a post like this once a year or so, otherwise the Google algorithm seems to marry me off to someone random or gets something else wrong about whatever people are Googling that year.”

Paul’s Unconditional Support: Standing by Julia Shaw and Her Bisexual Identity

Julia first came out as bisexual in her book Making Evil. She then came out more widely on social media in September 2019, when she was 32.

With the moment carefully chosen as Bi visibility day, agonizing the social media post over for hours, she hit the virtual ground running.

“[expletive] invisibility. I am bisexual,” she tweeted. Julia wished Happy BiVisibilityDay to all people who were attracted beyond gender & to the bi allies who celebrate who they are.

The psychological student’s tweet went viral, and there was a flood of messages of hearts and loving replies.

“Whether you are openly bi or keep it to yourself – know that you have a community you can call home – whenever you are ready,” she stated.

Julia hadn’t realized until then that she was missing a Bi community.

Julia Shaw and her partner Paul Livingston [Photo: Instagram]

Paul Livingston supports his bi-sexual partner Julia Shaw in every way. On Pride Month 2021, he said, “Pride for me is about being an ally and listening.”

Furthermore, he stated that after being in a mixed-orientation relationship with his bisexual partner Julia, he was keenly aware of the need to support LGBTQ+ people in advancing their rights and raising awareness.

Julia Shaw’s Empowering Book on Bisexual Struggles

After she came out openly about her sexuality, she started a bisexual research group and organized a bisexuality conference.

She went back to university to get a master’s degree in queer history. Then, she wrote a book named Bi: The hidden culture, history, and Science of Bisexuality about everything she found.

This book beautifully describes the common and quiet struggles that bisexuals may face. She also draws on her experiences to deliver a decent look at the hidden culture of bisexuality in this incredibly important book.

Julia Shaw published a book named Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality [Photo: Instagram]

The public gave the book favorable reviews. The author partner also shared a review article from the Guardian and tweeted, “Amazing review in the @guardian of @drjuliashaw’s wonderful book. Very proud!”

What Led Julia to Begin Researching Bisexuality and Write This Book?

Julia was writing her second book, Making Evil, which is about criminal psychology. She was writing about the villainization of LGBTQ+ people as evil around the world and how important visibility is.

She realized that she was still invisible herself. So, she came out as bisexual in that book (Making Evil) because she felt like a hypocrite for telling other people to be out and not being out herself in public.

The author had multiple questions about bisexuality. So, she figured that she would read a couple of books.

Julia couldn’t find the answers that she wanted to know. She figured if she was struggling to find those answers, other people were as well. Therefore, she decided to write a book instead.

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Julia Shaw’s Impactful Work Took Her to TV Appearances

Julia’s work has led the path to many TV appearances for her as the presenter of the 10-part series Killers Caught on Camera, appearing on CBS and internationally in early 2023.

Furthermore, the author also co-hosts the BBC2 true crime comedy series The Misinvestigations of Romesh Ranganathan. The series is presently filming more episodes.

It doesn’t stop there because she also hosted the 2021 German TVNOW true crime documentary Mörderische Frauen.

Furthermore, she appeared on the PBS show Memory Hackers. Julia has a lengthy list of appearances on TV.