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Does The ‘1923’ actress Julia Schlaepfer Have A Boyfriend?

Himal Ale Magar


The 1923 star Julia Schlaepfer’s onscreen chemistry with Brandon Sklenar became the highlight of the show. However, the American actress is not involved romantically off-screen and does not seem to have a boyfriend at the moment.

It seems like Julia prefers to live her life in private. So, she has not shared any information regarding her love life and information regarding her boyfriend with the public.

Besides, several outlets have claimed that Julia does not have any dating history as of yet. So, it seems like she is currently focused on her career rather than finding a boyfriend.

Julia Schlaepfer [Photo: Instagram]

Is Brandon Sklenar Julia’s Schlaepfer’s Boyfriend In The Series?

Julia Schlaepfer shared the screen with Brandon Brandon Sklenar in the Yellowstone prequel series 1923 as his on-screen love interest.

The actress had to perform with actors who were vastly more experienced than her in the series. Nonetheless, The Politician star was quickly able to find her footing and craft a mesmerizing performance.

The actress played the role of a feisty British woman who left her fiancé and joined Spencer, played by Brandon Sklenar.

Brandon Sklenar and Julia Schlaepfer [Photo: Instagram]

Together they went on a hunting expedition in Africa but decided to make their way back home as Spencer realized his family was attacked by ranchers in Montana.

In the finale of the first season, Alex was able to escape from her confinement but could not help Spencer on time. Ultimately, the two got separated as they cried out their I love yous, as Alex said she would meet him back in Montana.

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Julia Schlaepfer Talked About Her Audition For The Role Of Alex

The American actress revealed that she was cast in a unique way for her role in the TV series 1923. As per the report by The Things, Julia said her experience of the audition was totally abnormal in the very best way.

She further revealed that during her audition for the role, she was chatting with other girls in the waiting room, who were all lovely. She completed her audition with Taylor by reading through 25 pages of materials for the screen test.

Julia Schlaepfer [Photo: Instagram]

As per the same report, she said, “When Taylor called me to deliver the news that I was Alex, it was the next day after my screen test, and I was sitting in the Jackson Hole airport.”

After finding out, she couldn’t hold herself together. She added, “So I ducked behind one of those desks in the airport terminal where they check people in, and I cried. And then he was like, ‘You have quite the journey ahead.'”

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Julia Schlaepfer Career Higlights

Julia Nicole Schlaepfer, who is best known for her role as Alex in 1923, is from the United States.

Apart from the series, she is best known for her role as Sandra Good in Charlie Says. Also, she played the role of Alice Charles in The Politician, which was well-received by the fans.

The starlet was born on March 3, 1995, in King County, Washington, United States. Before starting her career as an actress, Julia Schlaepfer was a ballerina.

She was with the Pacific Northwest Ballet and spent years 12 years performing. The reports further claimed due to her exceptional dancing abilities, Julia made appearances in The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

Julia Schlaepfer With Co-Stars [Photo: Instagram]

Sadly, Julia suffered an injury which prevented her from performing ballet any longer.

In regard to her educational background, Julia attended Lakeside High School. Eventually, in 2017 she went on to graduate from the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School at New York University.

After graduation, she was able to land her first role as Ashley Whittaker on Madam Secretary in September 2014.