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Jonah Marais’ Ex-girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend Now

Himal Ale Magar


Jonah Marais is one of the members of the American boy band Why Don’t We, whose relationship status was acknowledged by the fans after numerous speculations.

He was previously in a relationship with Tatum Dahl, or Tate Doll, for more than two years. Well, after their break up, his ex-girlfriend has already moved on.

Jonah Marais’ Former Girlfriend Is in a Relationship

After breaking up with Jonah, Tate eventually started a new chapter in her life with a new boyfriend. The social media influencer posted a picture on her Instagram account in October 2021, which featured her new beau.

The post was well-received by her fans, as one of the users commented, “idk but he is one lucky guy.” Since then, Tate has made it official with her partner Alec Bommarito.

Alec, who is based in Los Angeles, is also not hesitant to express his love for Tate. For instance, he posted a Polaroid picture on his Instagram, which was captioned, “Somehow I keep ending up in photos with this person.”

Tate and her current partner Alec [Photo: Instagram]

As of this writing, the couple is happy as they often share pictures of themselves regularly with their friends and family.

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Jonah’s Ex-girlfriend Appeared in His Band’s Music Video

As per the report by J-14, Jonah and Tatum were first seen together in 2018. The social media influencer appeared in Jonah’s ‘Trust Fund Baby’ music video.

In the video, the couple could be seen playing baseball and having a good time. Further, other members of the boy band could also be seen with their respective on-screen partners.

After her appearance in the video, fans speculated about their off-screen relationship and questioned if the two were dating.

In response to the video, a YouTube user commented, “If they are together I totally ship it and if they are just friends they are such friendship goals.”

Besides, the two did not post or feature each other a lot on their social media account. So, it seems like the couple preferred to keep their relationship private.

Tate Talked about Her Relationship with Jonah

In Tate’s TikTok video that was featured on a YouTube channel, she hinted at what her relationship with Jonah was like. As a response to a comment from a follower, she clarified she was with Jonah for two and a half years, not just for clout. It implies she was, in fact, in love with him.

Tate further asked fans not to make any assumptions about her. Also, she added the whole situation with Jonah Marais was low-key toxic. Tate mentioned it was difficult dating and being in a relationship with Jonah at the time.

Jonah Marais And Tate Dahl [Photo: YouTube]

Moreover, Tate shared that she started a new life after heartbreak in a new city with new friends and people that she loved.

Besides, the social media influencer noted she got a job where she felt she belonged. Tate ended her video as she said it felt good she was able to express herself about this subject.

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Jonah Was Seen with His Supposed New Girlfriend

On the other hand, Tate’s former boyfriend, Jonah Marais, is also rumored to be in a relationship. The band member made a public appearance with Natalie Ganzhorn in October 2022.

This led his fans to speculate about his relationship with Natalie. Regarding their sighting, one user noted that they looked cute together.

Similarly, another commented Jonah and Natalie were private, and it was good for their relationship. However, despite the rising speculation, neither Natalie nor Jonah has made any comment as of this writing.