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Wayne Carini’s Net Worth Explored: Followed in His Dad’s Footsteps

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Wayne Carini is a renowned Ferrari enthusiast who has a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration. Born to the renowned Robert (Bob) Carini, owner of an auto restoration and collision repair business in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Wayne has amassed a considerable net worth to his name.

Carini has a passion for classic vehicles, which has driven him to become one of the most recognized and important figures in the automobile industry.

The Master Restorer’s Net Worth

The automobile expert has a total net worth of $20 million, according to the reports by The Richest. Carini has earned his wealth and worldwide fame by restoring exotic cars and selling them to celebrities.

He has a huge career span, including body repair to body paint on rare and exotic car collections. He has earned significantly through other ventures that he has been involved in.

Further, he has made appearances in several magazines and television shows. Also, Carini produced a documentary of his own, which explored the world of exotic and classic cars.

Wayne Carini [Photo: Instagram]

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he never went looking for a reality television career, the opportunity knocked on his door when producers came across his name in a New York Times piece. And thus, the show, Chasing Classic Cars was born.

Furthermore, as per NCESC.Com, his primary source of income comes from his business, F40 Motorsports, which Carini owns and operates. Besides that, he is also the proud owner of Carini Carozzeria and Continental Auto Ltd. He also earns a fair amount of money as a host in the television series Chasing Classic Cars.

In the show, Carini tracks down and restores rare and historic cars. Thus, throughout the years, he built a massive empire in the automobile business that made him a multi-millionaire.

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Wayne Comes From a Family of Car Restorers

Carini was born on October 13, 1951, and grew up in Portland, Connecticut. As mentioned earlier, he was the son of Bob Carini, one of the renowned names in the automobile sector.

His father was the founder of the first Model A Restorers Club in the year 1915. The club aimed to encourage fellow owners around the world to acquire, restore, and preserve Model A Fords.

As a child, unlike other young boys who longed to play and run, Wayne used to clean, sand, and pound metal, learning the not-so-glamorous side of restoring every type of automobile.

Although this kind of work was not exactly fun, Wayne was able to take apart a Model A engine and put it back together for a show and tell by the time he was in third grade.

The father and son duo used to spend their weekend traveling to car shows and displaying some of the vehicles they had restored. At the age of 9, he rode his first Ferrari, which was a 1960 Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB, and he was smitten.

Furthermore, his cousin, who built hot rods, also influenced him as a mentor on his journey of building an automobile empire.

Considering he grew up in the automobile refurbishing industry, it is not surprising that Wayne ended up in that line of work. But did you know he was initially interested in a different field?

Almost Chose a Different Career

If it was not for Bob’s influence on Wayne’s career, the latter might have traveled a very different road. Recognizing his appreciation for Ferraris, Wayne’s old man used to take him down to Greenwich to look at those magnificent vehicles through a showroom window.

Among them, he found a 1965 Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale, a three-seat model with the steering wheel in the center, particularly fascinating.

Wayne Carini With His Father [Photo: Instagram]

Although Wayne’s passion was piqued by Ferraris, he did not want to spend his career in the garage and had a dream to experience life in a different way than his dad. He had plans to pursue a college degree in architecture.

However, life had different plans for him. The very thing that he was trying to run away from caught him. According to him, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. His father presented him with a special gift—half of the family business.

In contrast, Hartford Courant has reported that with a dream of becoming an art teacher, he studied at Central Connecticut University. But upon discovering the lack of opportunities in the field, he learned the art of restoring a Ferrari from former Ferrari experts Francois Sicard and Luigi Chinetti Jr.

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Wayne Carini Got His Dream Car after 36 Years

While Carini has restored and sold most of the vehicles, he has also added some of his favorite cars to his collection. The car enthusiast has owned over 25 classic cars, including a 1948 David Davin and a 1936 Ford pickup, as of this writing.

Carini’s passion for classic cars knew no boundaries. He fell in love with his dream car, Hudson Italia, when he was 16 years of age.

The car came into his dad’s shop when he was 16 for a little scratch in the fender, and he fell in love with it. However, he did not have the necessary funds at the time to make the car his.

Regardless, Carini did not lose hope and saved for a few decades and bought his beloved car at the age of 52. His pursuit and search for the car for 36 years was also responsible for his television career.

The story was written about that in New York Times called ‘Your First Love, and Your Last Love’ by Donald Osborne, and it reached the desk of the head of production for Chasing Classic Cars.

The producer showed up at his workshop and asked to document his chase for the classic cars. He informed him that the role did not involve compensation, but it could lead to other rewards.

Thus, in all these years, he has earned significantly. Moreover, apart from being a businessman, Carini is a charitable person and a married man.

Despite his acclaimed fame and popularity, Carini prefers to live a private life with his wife, Laurie Carini, and his daughters.