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Eustace Conway Is Wife-Less but Has No Shortage of a Partner

Dinesh Shrestha


The 61-year-old American naturalist Eustace Conway hasn’t got a wife but has been in multiple relationships in the past. Due to his high expectations, many parted ways with him except Desere Gamaldi.

Gamaldi has supported him in his hard journey living in the mountains. Plus, she contributed a lot to form the Turtle Island Preserve.

Eustace Conway’s Partner Is a Former Science Teacher

Desere Gamaldi is a former science teacher and one-time Pittsburgher, as per Pittsburgh City Paper. She has lived with Eustace Conway on Turtle Island for several years and helped him in Turtle Island Preserve.

She has contributed a lot to old-fashioned farms and nature sanctuaries. Gamaldi also worked as a treasurer for three years in the organization, from 2013 to 2015.

The guest article from a long-standing volunteer from Alabama mentioned her as a camp director in 2021. The volunteer said she was a wonderful director.

Nevertheless, as of this writing, she isn’t mentioned on the official website of Turtle Island Preserve’s staff page.

More than a Decade of Relationship

The American naturalist has sustained her relationship with Eustace and the numerous project of Turtle Island Preserve for over 15 years, as per GQ.

In the 2009 Blue Ridge Outdoors article, it was mentioned that the couple was together for almost three years – which was one of his longest relationships at that time.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the two met sometime in 2006. They are, at times, spotted hanging around and attending different events. In 2016, the duo went to Thibault Gallery, located in South Carolina.

Eustace Conway and Desere Gamaldi [Photo: Facebook]

During that time, Eustace and Desere were looking for summer campers between the age of 7 and 17 for the Turtle Island Preserve. Well, she joined the Turtle Island Preserve in 2006 and has worked with him for over 15 years.

And during her time, Desere has contributed a lot to the Preserve project while living on Turtle Island.

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Eustace Conway’s Great Desire Was to Start a Family with a Wife and Children

Eustace Conway said in a 2021 Interview with GQ that his all-time greatest desire was to have a family. He told the interviewer that he had never set out on and failed on a single journey.

The interviewer mentioned that his single journey referred to McCandlessian ones: kayakin’ across Alaska or canoein’ across America or bicyclin’ across Germany.

Then Eustace said regarding a wife, children, “That is a journey that I haven’t really succeeded at, that I have set out on… I’d still be happy to have a family. That’s actually my greatest desire of all.”

Eustace Conway revealed in an interview that he desired to have a family [ [Photo: Instagram]

Then he paused for some moment and added, “Depending on what you mean by family.”

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Elizabeth Gilbert Wrote Eustace Conway’s Biography Named ‘The Last American Man’

Elizabeth Gilbert adopted her 1998 GQ article into a biography of Eustace Conway in her book The Last American Man.

But Gilbert’s affection for Conway started some time before beginning as an article for GQ in 1998. In the book, she covered his real-life story who left home at the age of seventeen to live in the mountains.

She remembered Eustace warmly because she first met him in 1993. She later realized that he, in fact, was The Last American Man, which accordingly became her 2002’s book’s title.

Besides his real story, she portrayed his character as a little bit different from him in reality. Gilbert added the romantic notion parts of Conway’s biography.

Eustace Conway [Photo: Instagram]

Gilbert acknowledged early on in her writing that “Eustace was hard to resist,” and each tragic romance story made that even more apparent.

She also mentioned that Donna, who was Eustace Conway’s first love, eventually married another man. Despite this, she still “believes that she was put on this earth to be Eustace Conway’s.”

All in all, only time will tell if Eustace and Desere ever decide to marry one another and make her his wife. If they do, then hopefully, the pair will share the good news.