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Tabyana Ali’s Relation With Muhammad Ali: Are They Related?

Himal Ale Magar


Best known for her work in General Hospital, the American actress Tabyana Ali’s surname has her fans asking: Is Tabyana Ali related to Muhammad Ali? They also wonder who her parents are.

Similarly, the actress is also thought to be related to the star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Tatyana Ali. Regarding the subject, fans, and followers had opinions on how they might or might not be biologically related.

Is Tabyana Ali Related to Muhammad Ali?

The actress is confused to be one of the children of Ali. However, no claims or evidence support that Tabyana is related to the sportsman.

On the other hand, Tatyana Ali was also thought to have a connection with the famed boxer. However, to those who might think the two are related, no link connects them.

Tatyana Ali Is Not Related To Muhammad Ali [Photo: Twitter]

As the speculations were brewing, some Twitter users stated that the rumors were false and baseless. For instance, one user said that she went to school with Tatyana and her sister and that they were not related to the boxer.

On the other hand, some netizens claimed they did their research and realized their assumptions were untrue.

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Tabyana and Tatyana Are Not Siblings

Like the confusion regarding the actresses’ relationship with Muhammad Ali, fans might think the two could be biologically related.

However, that is not the case; Tatyana was born in New York to her father, Sheriff Ali, and Sonia Ali. Further, the actress and her sisters are of Latin American Descent.

Tabyana Ali With Her Sister And Mother [Photo: Instagram]

On the other hand, Tabyana was born to her mother, Jacqueline Moszee Ford, and her dad, Darryl Ford. She has a sister named Morgan Millsap.

Tabyana’s sister owns Refined Touch Aesthetics and Wellness and works as a Nurse Anesthetist. The actress has immense love and appreciation for her sister.

For instance, on her sister’s birthday, Tabyana said she admired Morgan’s hard work and wisdom. Besides, apart from her sister, the actress has a step-brother named Mike Mo-z.

Her Parents Are Divorced

While it was not when her parents tied the knot, according to her dad’s Facebook details, he has been married since August 23, 2003. Nevertheless, the actress’ folks are no longer together.

As a result, it even triggered Tabyana’s depression at an early age. Eventually, the actress coped with her depression through journaling and poetry.

The Actress With Her Father Darryl [Photo: Facebook]

Her parents welcomed Tabyana in January 2002. According to the actress, her name was inspired by an island in Honduras.

When her parents were on vacation, her mother came up with the idea that if she ever had another daughter, she would name her Tabyana.

It was also revealed that the actual meaning of her name was fairy queen, which the actress had a hard time believing.

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Tabyana’s On-Screen Romance with Nicholas Chavez

In the series General Hospital, Nicholas Chavez played the role of Spencer, whereas Tabyana portrayed Trina. During their first meet in the show, Spencer had lied about his identity to Trina.

Regardless of their uncanny encounter, the path leading to their union and first kiss was indeed long. During an interview with the People, Nicholas shared that Spencer and Trina’s relationship worked because she felt like family to him.

Tabyana With Her On-Screen Romance Nicholas Chavez [Photo: Instagram]

On the other hand, regarding the topic, the actress explained that their on-screen relationship worked because they were twin flames. She expressed that the twin flames needed to go through tumultuous waters and thunderstorms before they got to the sunset.

She further added, “I think now our chemistry is so much stronger because of the connection we have outside of work. Our dynamic is really special because we understand each other on a very deep level.”

Besides, despite their strong relationship in the series, they are not a real-life couple. The actress has yet to reveal her love life to her fans and followers.