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Did Shayne Smith Ever Get Married To Erica?

Dinesh Shrestha


American comedian Shayne Smith had been in a relationship with a girl named Erica for several years. Did the two ever get married at one point in their life?

Moreover, Slug Mag mentioned in a 2015 article that he was about to get married to the love of his life, Erica.

Shayne Constantly Shared Pictures with Erica

Shayne made his relationship with Erica’s Instagram official in April 2012 by sharing their picture, saying, “Oooh s*it it’s date night!” After that, he started to share more intimate moments with her on his social media handle frequently.

In the snaps, the pair could be seen enjoying each other’s company. The couple played video games and outdoor games like golf together. Plus, the duo also once attended their friend’s wedding.

Moreover, Shayne and Erica shared a common interest: getting a tattoo on their body. From making their relationship Insta official in 2012, the couple stayed together for almost three years.

Shayne Smith made their relationship Instagram official in 2012 [Photo: Instagram]

Well, Erica celebrates her birthday in the month of June. He one time shared their picture and wished her a Happy Birthday and stated they were flying to LA so they could hang out with their friends for a few days and go to Disneyland and the beach.

He further added, “She cried like a loser but I still love her I guess. Happy birthday @cupcakemuch !!!” Until 2015, the adorable couple shared great moments.

In September 2015, Shayne shared a photo of the pair, captioning that the police shut down their wedding reception.

Shayne Smith’s wedding reception was shut down by cops [Photo: Instagram]

However, there are not many details regarding their marriage ceremony besides the picture. Could it be they had privately married, or was it just one of Shayne’s jokes?

But things might not have gone well in their relationship, eventually leading to their split.

Now, they also don’t follow each other on Instagram. In addition, Erica has already moved on. She is currently dating her boyfriend Andrew.

Furthermore, Shayne also had a short romance with Corinne Fisher.

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Shayne’s Former Partner Erica Is an OnlyFans Model and Artist

As per her Instagram bio, Erica is an OnlyFans model, belly dance performer, and educator. Other than that, she is also the creator of Bleached and Bewitched. The company sells Bleach-dyed clothing, handmade art, apothecary goods, & live events for the strange & unusual.

She prefers the pronoun she/they. Erica has garnered a few fan following on her Instagram account, where she posts her fashion and lifestyle content. As stated above, she is a tattoo lover and has multiple inks on her body.

Apart from Instagram, she also posts short videos on her TikTok account. However, Shayne’s former partner isn’t that active in TikTok.

Erica is a model and creator of Bleached and Bewitched [Photo: Instagram]

She is also a dog lover and has one dog. She has mentioned her pet as her best friend.

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Shayne Has Often Tweeted about His Divorce

The American comedian has often tweeted about his ex-wife and divorce. He had revealed that it took eight years for him to date, be married, and eventually divorce.

Shayne proposed to his ex at Disney. He said that he decided to get a divorce at that same park because she wouldn’t let him ride his favorite ride.

He also said in 2018 that he was about to ride it with some of his best friends, a growing career, and a beautiful & supportive partner. Unfortunately, he did not reveal his then-partner’s name.

Moreover, he revealed that vasectomy had played a huge role in his divorce, which also ended his another relationship. Was he talking about Erica in those tweets?

Moreover, Shayne Smith opened up about his sexual orientation through his social media posts and said he was bisexual. In September 2021, he stated, “Being bisexual is about cuffed pants. Sitting weird on all seats.”

So it won’t be surprising to see him get a boyfriend someday.