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Chanelle Haynes’ Real Mother, a Detail We Might Never Know

Himal Ale Magar


Chanelle Haynes is the daughter of Nelly, the American rapper and singer. Unlike her dad, Chanelle’s mother appears to be living a low-key lifestyle. So, not much is known about her.

Apart from Chanelle, Nelly has a son named Cornell Haynes III, who is also known as Trizzle. She is close to her cousins Sydney and Shawn, whom her dad raised after his sister sadly died battling Leukemia.

Chanelle Haynes And Nelly [Photo: Instagram]

Chanelle shares a close relationship with her father and brother. The Haynes family has always been supportive of each other.

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Is Channetta Valentine Chanelle Haynes’ Mother?

Over the years, Chanelle’s dad has been in a relationship with several beautiful celebrities.

The list of his past lovers includes Karrine Steffans, Eve Jihan Jeffers Cooper, Claudia Angela Jordan, Nicole Narain, Shantel Jackson, Kat Stacks, and Channetta Valentine.

Chanelle’s Father Nelly [Photo: Instagram]

Among these names, BuzzSouthAfrica and The Sun claimed that Chanelle’s mother is Nelly’s former partner, Channetta Valentine. The reason for the assumption might be due to the similarities in their first names.

The former couple’s relationship lasted for almost a decade. They started dating somewhere in September 1990. It has also been reported that they are also the parents of Cornell.

Nelly Has Not Revealed the Identity of Chanelle Haynes’ Mother

Chanelle’s father, Nelly, has not revealed the identity of her biological mother as of yet. Despite his popularity as one of the icons of American HipHop music, Nelly has been able to keep the pregnancies of his partner and childbirth hidden from the media.

However, there are other reports that claim Chanelle’s mother is none other than songstress Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, who is also professionally known as Ashanti.

However, Nelly and Ashanti have not made any official comment about the subject.

Nelly With His Daughter Chanelle Haynes [Photo: Instagram]

Ashanti and Nelly met in 2003 during the press conference for the Grammy Awards. They both were at the height of their careers. The songstress said that she played hard to get when he approached her.

Sadly, the relationship between Nelly and Chanelle’s supposed mother, Ashanti, ended in 2013. Ashanti revealed the reason for the breakup was Nelly’s insecurities.

She added, “I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character,” as per the report by US Magazine.

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Chanelle Haynes, the Daughter of Nelly

Chanelle Haynes, who is also fondly called Nana, was born on February 27, 1994. As a kid, she grew up in a multicultural neighborhood, exposed to several forms of artistic influences and culture.

According to the report by Citimuzik, Chanelle’s passion for music continued as she grew throughout her teenage years. Further, she honed her singing skills by performing in numerous school choirs and talent shows.

Nelly Expresses Love For His Daughter Chanelle [Photo: Instagram]

As per the report by The Sun, the 28-year-old is currently pursuing a music career. She has chosen the career path despite attending Columbia College for a Business degree in Chicago.

The daughter of Nelly even released her first single in July 2020 by the name Nellelove and Chanelle Valentine Haynes.

Her brother Cornell is a former high school football player who had shown his potential while being featured on a reality show,

However, after post-gradation, Chanelle’s brother stopped playing and decided to pursue other ventures. In June 2021, Cornell advertised the launch of an online sea moss retailer known as UrbalSecrets.