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Gelila Bekele Has A Son | Who Is Her Husband?

Himal Ale Magar


Gelila Bekele was a longtime girlfriend to actor, director, and producer Tyler Perry. The pair met each other at a Prince Concert in 2007. The couple were together for more than a decade but were not married.

So, Tyler is not the husband of the Ethiopian model, filmmaker, and activist. Nonetheless, despite being unmarried, Gelila and Tyler have a son together named Aman.

According to the reports from People, Gelila broke the news to Tyler via the means of Facetime.

Tyler recalled the moment as he said, “I get a FaceTime call and she’s holding up the pregnancy stick, I’m like, ‘I guess this is happening.’”

Gelila Bekele [Photo: Instagram]

He further explained that the experience was, in equal parts, life-changing and strange.

Sadly, despite their strong relationship, the couple broke it off amicably and remained to be close friends. The couple expressed their focus was to be the best parents they could be for their son.

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Works As A Team To Raise Their Son

Despite not being in a relationship, Gelila and Tyler parent their son together, who was born on November 30, 2014. The proud parent announced the arrival of Aman as he posted a picture on his Instagram.

As per People, Tyler expressed that being a father was what made him happy and motivated him every day. He shared having a conversation with his child and leading him on the right path not only inspired him but also healed the little boy inside of him.

Gelila’s Ex-Partner, Tyler Perry [Photo: Instagram]

In regards to raising a child with his ex, Tyler said, “I think, when you have a team like Gelila and I are, she is very grounded and balanced at making sure he stays that way. Because I have wrestled with I want to give him everything because I didn’t have it.”

Gelila Bekele’s Son Has Two Inspirational GodParents

Apart from Gelila and Tyler, Aman has the guidance of two of his godmothers. Aman’s godmothers are Oprah Winfrey and Cecily Tyson. Gelila’s ex-partner revealed that Oprah sends his son many books to read.

He described them as excellent gifts for his son to explore.

He further revealed that his son Aman was not active online and did not spend time surfacing the internet on celebrity news and headlines. However, Tyler said his son Aman only used his iPad for 30 minutes now and then. Rather, he spent his time reading the books Oprah had sent him.

The actor isn’t unfamiliar with the role of godparent himself. According to reports from People, he had revealed himself to be the godfather of Lilibet Diana and Prince Harry.

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Why Did Gelila And Tyler Split?

Despite still being friends with his ex Gelila, Tyler has not openly discussed his relationship. So, the reason for their breakup has not been disclosed and remains a mystery. Nonetheless, Tyler revealed that he has the utmost respect for Gelila.

According to the reports by Nickiswift, Tyler said, “There’s no other person on this planet that I would want to be involved with or have a child with because she’s amazing.”

Gelila Bekele [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, the actor added even though he was not sure if he could be a good husband if he got married, he would feel hindered by his work ethic.

Nonetheless, Tyler revealed he was sure he would make a great husband. Currently, both of the ex-partners are single and have not shared their plans regarding their relationship and marriage.