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Erin Foley and Partner Sara Calabro: A Journey of Love and Laughter

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Comedian Erin Foley made her relationship with her partner Sara Calabro public through her Instagram in February 2019.

Posting their beautiful picture, she penned in the caption, “The key to finding your person is to date her 15 years prior and then wait for her to be single again.”

Further continuing, she said, “It’s quite simple. My forever Valentine @acutake.” In the snap, she was seen kissing Sara while lying down.

Since then, Erin has posted several adorable pictures of them.

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Erin Foley and Partner Took the Next Step, Moved in Together in 2020

Erin posted in January 2020 that Sara was moving in with her in 12 days. She asked her fans to send Sara messages of support.

Later in August 2020, she tweeted that her partner’s accountant suggested that they get married immediately for fiscal reasons.

She said, “Apparently, I’m the middle ground between Republicans and gay marriage.” Just a year later, in January 2021, they moved to a new LA apartment.

Erin Foley publicized her partner Sara Calabro for the first time in 2019 [Photo: Instagram]

Foley said they unpacked three Neti pots and two heating pads. Further, she stated, “Can’t wait for the bars to reopen.”

Erin Foley Celebrated Partner Sara Calabro’s Birthday

In December 2021, Erin posted their picture together and wished her partner a happy birthday through Instagram.

“Happy Birthday, Sara,” she wrote in the post. Day by day, their relationship grew closer. She clearly meant it when she said that her partner was “The greatest partner in the universe.”

Further, she composed, “Bday bagels, bday hike, bday dinner @connieandteds – NY, CA, RI – our favorite places. I’m the luckiest.”

Erin Foley and her partner went to Buttonwood Farm Winery [Photo: Instagram]

People sent her birthday wishes after seeing her post. One user also mentioned their favorite place and penned, “We always go to @connieandteds for birthdays, and this year, my birthday is on a Monday, and they are closed.”

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Erin Foley and Sara Calabro Marked Five Years of Love in 2023

In February 2022, she and her partner celebrated their four years of togetherness. Erin posted a picture and captioned, “Happy 4 years with this beauty. My forever crush.”

Then, in February 2023, she posted a together picture and celebrated their five years of togetherness.

With the beautiful picture, she said, “Happy 5 years with this beautiful woman.” The photo was taken a couple of months into their relationship.

The comedian wanted to lock Sara down as soon as possible because she was and would always be smitten.

“Thank you, SJC, for making the past 5 years feel like a dream,” she expressed her gratitude for her partner.

Arden Myrin, an actor and comedian, wrote in the comments section, “Awwww happy anniversary!”

One user penned, “Yay!! Love it. Hey, we gotta hang with you two soon!”

Meet Sara Calabro: The Partner of Comedian Erin Foley

Erin Foley’s partner, Sara Calabro, is a founder and content designer of Just Copy. She is a multi-educated person.

Sara got her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Saint Anselm College. Then she went to Tri-State College of Acupuncture to complete her Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

She has been writing professionally for over 20 years. Her experience includes UX Writing, Content design, and many others.

Furthermore, she is also a licensed acupuncturist and the author of ‘Heal Your Kids with Acupressure.’

Sara created the first consumer acupuncture publication, a directory of acupuncturists, and a podcast about acupressure. 

The partners are proud of one another’s achievements. Their love life seems to be going strong.